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How a person can get rid of depression and some miscounceptions about depression
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How I managed to visit Dubai at just 15000rs and personal experiences.
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The tell-tale signs of the end are ringing alarm bells for another Nigerian airline. Another is soon to be added...
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Find out the mystique of the said "portal to the supernatural"; the mystery of the PUTAT.
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Read about a simple man who does great things. A simple man raised with good parenting.
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A detailed analysis on how Jorginho takes his penalty kicks and how to stop it.

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Accompanying this email is a brief list of Kenyans from the 19th and 20th centuries who played a worthy, significant...
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There is a difference between religion and divinity. What we have today is religion, not divinity i.e. what we have...
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Were we planned for, or were just "accidents" and/or "mistakes," arising out of recreational sex? There is reproductive sex i.e....
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Sea has many animals which range from fish to other animals like turtle. They all depend on aquatic life life...
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Have You Ever Considered One a Close Friend and later Found out that He is Your Relation?
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this is an article about how you can improve your sexual life.
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Nine dance-makers and companies from the USA, Africa and Europe, will feature in the Legacy (celebrating 21 years of JOMBA!)...
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Where do you see yourself in next 10 years
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A dad sends a letter to his son who is going through a break-up...See what words of wisdom this dad...
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Hating things are not in our hands. They are causes of some experiences, incidents, and mental situations. Let’s talk about...
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Download and install the Best Andriod Phone Cleaner to remove leftover files and unused apps with a simple tap...
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Owustats is the best Instagram Followers and Unfollowers Insight Andriod App. It is the Ultimate Instagram Analytics...
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Owupress is a platform that provides for the easiest ways to express ideas and earn cash as much as people...
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Many people don't believe the possibility of earning a good amount of Bitcoin in a very short while and with...
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Take the piece of blanket and dip it on the cement paste whereby the piece shall be made wet by...
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Start a Nigeria Yellow Page Business and earn money from google adsense advertisment. You can easily earn decent income...
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Whether you are a school or university student, these secrets (guides) will surely help you along with your student journey.
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To be ahead in life and achieve your goals the most important things are your abilities. Let's look at the...
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Owustats is the best Instagram Followers and Unfollowers Insight Andriod App. It is the Ultimate Instagram Analytics...
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If you are looking for an Andriod all-in-one Phone cleaner app that will act as a Cache Cleaner, Notification Cleaner...
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The Mercedes-Benz S500, which is priced at around $ 6 billion in the market, is undoubtedly one of the best...

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Summary God created plants for man's consumption. He wants man to live healthy therefore he made medicinal plants for man to use in treating diseases. There are many plants found in the Bible which was used for medical purposes and till date these plants are functional in curing sickness. Africans have their own indigenous plants which are medicinal hence, must use them for a healthy living. The use of indigenous medicinal plants is simply the traditional method of healing which is the most accessible and affordable means of primary health care in Africa especially those in rural areas. Although the early Christian missionaries discarded everything relating to indigenous practice of which the use of medicinal plants was among yet it is scripturally affirmed that God created medicinal plants for man's use (Gen. 1:11, 29-30; Ps. 104: 14). Thus, African Christians must not neglect indigenous method of healing. The more reason they should accept it is that, most hospitals are not fully equipped with standard medical facilities; the few hospitals that are equipped are beyond the reach of average Africans.
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Israel Today: Netanyahu Resists Pressure to Lift Virus Restriction.
281 Hits - Sep 24, 2020, 4:18 PM - Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu
In this documentary, you will see the real meaning of Covid-19, when the plan started and why it was launched...
295 Hits - Sep 12, 2020, 4:23 PM - Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu
The dreaded pandemic is becoming history to some nations of the world, but not for the nation Israel. The case...
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Don't Miss the Natural Vitamins from Green leafy Veges
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Click here to watch live Doctor Stella Emmanuel and Doctor Yvette Lezano show the cure to COVID-19.
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Indian Spices as Natural Remedies and Healers
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Domestic ways to stay healthy and fit
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As some nations are reopening their daily activities and others are warming up to do so, in order to revive...
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Owustat: is the best Insight and Analytic App for Instagram-With this application, users can analyze what is going on...
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Dr. Yvette Lezano spoke intensively on Coronavirus, exposing the hidden issue going on, especially in Texas particularly.
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The article explains Nigerians perception about COVID-19 outbreak in the country.
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WWE is a word used to mean World Wide Entertainment. It's for wrestlers which is purposely meant for refreshment of...
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It is today that these two biggest and rivals of ancient are meeting once again to find who has accumulated...
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The six-fold Argentinian golden ball, unhappy with the management of his heart club, decided to leave the boat….