10 things to know about the power of intuition


Intuition is a great prediction of future outcomes and a feeling of an event transpiring before it even transpires, this concept at hand is mainly experienced by empaths and those who have a gift of seeing beyond the orbit. This article will take you through the explorations of what intuition can do and what the means of having an intuition are. The first thing we should know about intuition is that not too many individuals have it or experience it, and intuition is one of the key elements to success, you attain success not only financially, but emotionally, mentally, inter alia, when you have an intuition. Below are the 10 most basic tenets to know about intuition.

10. THE POWER TO IMAGINE BEYOND- One beautiful thing about intuition is that you can think beyond the roots of your mind. Most billionaires and prominent icons such as Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk have mastered the art of intuition and this has aided in their career path because they were able to use their intuition. An intuitive individual perceives the world from a different angle, and this often gets them into misunderstandings with people in their circle. Do you have the power to think beyond? You could have an intuition as you are reading this article, use your intuition and predict what you want, and patiently await the outcomes.


9. ACCURATE PREDICTIONS- when you have an intuition you can predict future events and the outcomes are that those events will transpire exactly as imagined or predicted. You can predict a future event about buying a brand-new luxury car and house and the accuracy of your predictions will happen in the same parallel way. Intuition can also lead to what is known as ‘Deja Vu’, this is when one has an epiphany about a certain event in the present and it looks like they have seen or experienced it before.

8. KNOWING THINGS WITHOUT EXPERIENCING THEM- An intuition can make one know things that they have never experienced before, and intuition enables you to have answers to most equations, I mean 'life in general'. Have you ever had to explain and answer a question accurately and precisely without even knowing the answer to it also? This could mostly be because you have unlocked your intuition power. An intuition can unlock answers that you also had questions too, and I call this ‘knowing the unknown’.

7.GOOD- DECISION-MAKING SKILLS- A person who constantly has intuitions have good decision-making skills that make them narrow like the equator line. These people can easily avoid detrimental behaviors and temptations since they can have predictions about future events, their intuition makes it easier for them to steer clear of trouble. Several enterprises that are owned and run by entrepreneurs who have the power of intuition are most efficiently and effectively operating and generating income because the owners make good decisions that push the businesses to be at their best performance, thus intuition is a great tool of success for entrepreneurs.

6. GOOD MEMORY-An intuition comes along with a good memory; you have terabytes worth of information that you can easily retrieve in your brain. Many of us forget simple things such as what we wore yesterday or what we ate two days ago, however, individuals who are intuitive never really forget past events. forgetting is a normal part of our busy routines, but intuitive personnel never forget easily, you can call this a cheat in this scenario, intuition gives you the power to cheat reality and life itself. Betraying or hurting an intuitive person would be a slap in the face since they barely forget.

5. INTUITION FORM GOOD RELATIONS- People with the power of intuition can make good friends. Their analysis and choosy type of trait aid them in choosing good friends, we are talking about your Capricorns, your Pisces, Libras, inter alia. People who are good at choosing the right friends are known and referred to as intuitive people. The fact that intuitive personnel are good secret keepers and never forget things, (i.e. birth or graduation day) is one of the million reasons why they can sustain friendships and relations.

4. OVERTHINKING- An individual must be able to think deeply to unlock the power of intuition, and this means the more intuitions, the more you overthink. This is one of the reasons why intuitive people always have busy minds that are roaming the earth, most intuitive personnel zone out of conversations and disengage with those around them. This happens because the universe has different dimensions (dimension of thoughts, the dimension of dreams, the dimension of the past, inter alia) and when you overthink you teleport to the world of thoughts and lose touch with reality.

3. TASK EXECUTION- It is much easier for people who have intuitions to complete their tasks, I mean hey? we are talking about people who foresee their tasks before they even become tasks here. This also makes it easier for intuitive people to execute their ideas and plans since they can even predict and see them coming.

2. TIME MANAGEMENT- Intuitive people can manage their time well, they know the laws of the hands of time very well and you cannot deceive them when it comes to time. Intuition gives you a sense of time and helps you know the tenets of the clock very well, intuitive people manage and respect their time so it might also be good for third parties to reciprocate that and respect their time to sustain healthy relations with intuitive personnel.

1. SUCCESS- Primarily, intuition is one tenet of success and prosperity, and this does not necessarily mean that when you have an account of intuition you will prosper in life. Intuition gives you a sense of what is coming and how your life is going to look like, you have to work for that future your intuition shows you and focuses on getting to it instead of pushing a car that does not have wheels, most notable individuals have reached what they saw in their intuitions, and this is an arduous process, you must be willing to work hard for what is being presented in front of your eyes, there’s more than meets the eye to this.

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