5 Derby Clubs with Fascinating History (2)

5 Local Derby Clubs with Fascinating History (2)

Derby Clubs, just as explained in the previous part of this article, usually have some age long history behind them which could be seen in the case of the famous Paris Saint-Germain and the not so famous Paris FC. Meanwhile, there are more clubs with fascinating history which you are about to unveil.

2. Manchester United and FC United of Manchester: It is understandable that what comes to your mind when speaking of derby clubs in Great Manchester are Manchester United and Manchester City. These are indeed the two most popular clubs in Manchester. However Manchester United tend to share stronger bond with this little semi-professional football club, FC United of Manchester. Currently plying their trade at the seventh tier of the English Football System- Northern Premier League, this Moston based club was established in 2005 when the Glaziers took over Manchester United. While some fans were indifferent as regards the take over, some blatantly disapproved  of the American ownership of Manchester United. The unsatisfied fans parted ways with the Red Devils and established FC United of Manchester. Their rebellious act probably led to their being called the Red Rebels. While the Red Devils currently sit 4th on the English Premier League with 38 points out of 22 games, the Red Rebels currently sit 9th on the Northern Premier League table with 40 points out of 27 matches in a league consisting of 22 clubs. Unfortunately, both teams have never played against each other. The closest FC United of Manchester have made in meeting the Red Devils was in 2010. The Rebels were two win away from reaching the third round of the FA Cup where their eventual opponent would have being Manchester United. But they could not make it through.

The Old Firms


3. Celtic and Rangers FC: Indeed, these are the most popular football clubs in the Scottish Premier League. They are also Scotland’s biggest arch-enemy. These two clubs are collectively called the Old Firms and are both situated at Glasgow. Also, they have both had  topflight managers who currently ply their trades in the English Premier League. Brendan Rogers’ (Leicester City) coaching record will never be complete without mentioning Celtic while Steven Gerrard (Aston Villa) also owe Rangers a fortune for his rise. However, what made these two clubs sworn enemies is fact that they are formed based on religious differences. While Celtic are Catholic inclined, Rangers are pure Prysbestian. Meanwhile, there are other reasons behind their rivalry. The Rangers supporters are historical native Scots and Ulster Scots. On the other hand, Celtic Supporters and historical Irish Scots which implies that Celtic is affiliated with Northern Ireland while Rangers are pure Scottish. So far, their rivalry has produced 426 derby clashes between them with Rangers claiming more wins of 167.

4. Roma and Lazio: Discussion about Derby Clubs will never be complete without mentioning Italy. Aside being renowned for Stadium sharing, the Serie A also parade most derby clubs in football history. The most popular among these clubs are Ac Milan and Inter Milan. However, there are more age long derbies than the battle of San Siro. Rome, the capital of Italy, houses one of the biggest derby in the Serie A which is Roma and Lazio. Aside sharing Stadio Olimpico just like the San Siro, Roma and Lazio also share common history and have one of the hottest rivalry in football world. Lazio was the first club to be established among the duo.  It was established in 1900 with the name, Societa Podistica Lazio. 27 years after, Roma came to the scene following the merge of three clubs namely Roman, Alba-Audace, and Fortitudo by Italo Foschi. Meanwhile, prior to the establishment of Roma, Lazio was approached to merge with the three clubs. But the club refused and this marked the beginning of rivalry between the two capital clubs. Benito Mussolini wanted to create a single Roman club to compete with Northern clubs like Juventus, Ac Milan, and Inter Milan. His attempt was foiled General Giorgio Vaccaro who was a Lazio supporter. This left Lazio as the major club in Rome that did not merge. Vaccaro’s impact in sustaining Lazio made the club chose the Eagle as its emblem as against the Capitoline Wolf which Roma adopted. The first Derby della Capitale (Derby of the Capital) was dated back to December 8,  1929 which Roma won by 1-0.

5. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur: This North London derby would have never emerged if Arsenal had not migrated from South London to the North. Tottenham Hotspur happened to be the original dweller of North London. Arsenal only migrated up North due to financial crisis. Originally known as Dial Square, Arsenal had series of name change during the 1908 which saw them change from Dial Square to Royal Arsenal, and then to Woolwich Arsenal, and then to The Arsenal, before finally settling for Arsenal. They were on the brink of bankruptcy and relegation before being snatched up by a man called Norris in 1910. Norris’s brought the club and decided to relocate it to North London as against the disapproval of Spurs, Chelsea, and Clapton Orient. They finally relocated to the North in 1913 but had to start life in Division 2. Eventually, the first World War saw Football Leagues halted for the meantime. Before the war, Tottenham Hotspur were already in the top flight while Arsenal were languishing in the division below. At the end of the World War 1, decision was made on reorganizing the League. Despite so many odds against Arsenal, the club used influence to buy its way through to emerge at the top flight while Tottenham Hotspur was unduly taken to the second division. Ever since this sheer display of Cheat Code, Arsenal remained as the club which never gained promotion and never relegate from the English Premier League. They also boast of more Premier League success than Tottenham who are still struggling to live off the shadows of The Gunners.

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