Top 7 Cancer Foods You Need to Avoid

Until now, our parents had little to think about when eating properly. This was although most of the foods were balanced and pure foods at that time. Today things have improved with the explosion of refined and unhealthy foods, and now it seems more difficult to rat the right things. One of the most surprising things is that while you sometimes think you're eating right, you're eating some of the worst foods that cause cancer.

While some may be quick to add that almost everything in the world, we live in today is causing cancer, it has been shown that these foods raise the cancer risk.

Note- There is plenty to cover, so we may need to be as brief as possible for each of the highlighted items.

1. Microwave popcorn

This sensation of home-based film is filled with carcinogenic chemicals that give it the taste of synthetic butter. The paper bag used to cover this popcorn has the same composition and improve your chances of pancreatic, testicular, and liver cancer contracting. If you want to eat some, go to the usual popping kernel or stovetop popcorn.

2. Non-organic produce

They may be forced to think that, when it comes to cancer-producing products, this does not follow the mark, but seriously. Many non-organic products contain hazardous chemicals and they are treated with pesticides. Another problem with this non-organic product is the use of toxic fertilizers to make them grow larger and faster, all of which increases the chance of interaction with different types of cancers. Apples, bananas, grapes and oranges are the most affected fruits.

3. Canned tomatoes

Most will be ready to defend the canned tomato as a medical benefit because it contains lycopene, which is said to minimize cancer risk. This advantage is totally wiped out because there are linings in the canned tomatoes that disrupt normal body function. Consumption, therefore, can also lead to heart disease, fertility issues and cancer.

4. Potato chips

This crispy, inexpensive, and delicious snack can be deadly most of the time we all love to crunch on. These cause weight gain, produce excess sodium, leading to high blood pressure and acrylamide, a carcinogen showing many signs of imminent cancer with constant smoking of cigarettes. Avoid at all costs eating them.

5. Refined sugars

Refined sugar is proven to increase levels of insulin, which is a factor in cancer cell growth. Such cancer cells are today primarily produced by high-fructose corn syrup, a part of most of the sweets consumed today. We can see why cancer is now a big trend with many people who are addicted to sugar treatments.

6. Alcohol

Following smoking, consumption of alcohol is the second largest cause of cancer. While this may not be an issue with moderate or low intake that increases heart health, high intake can lead to other diseases such as stroke, sudden death, and heart failure. It is also one of the leading causes of cancer of the breast, liver, breast, throat, and rectum, all suggesting low consumption as the only way out.

7. Soft drinks (Soda)

For your wellbeing, soft drinks, soda, or what ever else you call it is evil. Such soft drinks contain approximately ten sugar packets that prey on cancer cells. Reports have shown that weekly intake of these sodas will increase your pancreatic cancer risk, something you want to avoid at all costs.


Strong evidence will relate the intake of a food or drink to an increased risk of cancer and demonstrate that cancer will grow as a result. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization classifies carcinogens by assessing how likely they are to cause cancer, splitting the scale into five groups: known, probable, possible, unclassifiable and possibly not carcinogenic.

These are some of the foods that cause cancer that we should avoid at all costs. We live in a world today with many foods that cause cancer, and we have to make it a habit to avoid them for us to live longer.


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