7 Facts Doctors wish everyone knew

Hospital is in itself a very confusing place for public. You don't know how things work. How to deal with doctors, Nurses and Paramedical Staff.  You are always on the edge of your tongue regarding all your queries about your patient. Have you been to a hospital lately? Have you wondered how things run in hospitals? are doctors like normal human beings ? do nurses and doctors hook up often ?

1. Long Duty Hours

Most Doctors are desperately waiting for their long shifts to end . The long duty hours make things exhausting. A doctor maybe working from 36 to 80+ hours depending on the country and rank of doctor . its a Lot !

2. No we don’t hook up with nurses ( That often )

its a common perception that things are very steamy among doctors and nurses . On the Contrary both the doctors and nurses have lots of work and sick patients to attend to .

3. My degree is better than your Google Search

We skim the information from google and other sites and confront doctors of the possible treatment options or any possible amendment in Management plan. But believe me the doctors work so hard to get there. Lots of nights and days spent in Cramming how to save patients when their own loved ones rejoice

4. They don’t have (Fun) Weekends Yes , not every weekend is a free weekend . They have to be on Call for hospital on some weekends and some weekends are spent taking care of your loved ones

5. it takes a life to become a doctor

Yes . Study!!! it never ends . Once you opted for medical field . You have to be mentally ready for studying throughout your life . Countless hectic and expensive exams await you .

6. Honesty is not the best policy

Sometimes doctors don't disclose the gravity of the disease in front of the patients just because they don't feel pessimistic towards life. They always try to give you hope

7. No butterflies in the stomach Due to the continuous exposure to human body and other organs during treatment, doctors gradually become desensitized to basic human emotions like shyness, romance etc.

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