Divinity vs Religion

Divinity vs. Religion
There is a difference between religion and divinity. What we have today is religion, not divinity i.e. what we have today, from a spiritual standpoint, lacks in substance and direction. Our ancestors in Kenya and Africa at large, were not better though than the "religious zealots" of today, in the strict sense of the word, otherwise religion would not have taken precedence over divinity since the beginning of time, which is the reason why global society continues to go round in circles.
There is nothing we see today actually, that has not happened before in history, and it is even probable that "civilisations" much more advanced and much more sophisticated than those of ours of today, have existed multiple times in the hundreds of thousands of years before us, it is just that we are not aware, societies where, for instance, many regularly flew to other planets for the weekend and and were back on Sunday evening, ready for the week ahead, societies where the wealthy of those times, had weekend retreats on other planets, akin to Martha's Vineyard and Camp David, both in America, and/or Nanyuki, Vipingo, Rusinga Island and Manda Island in Kenya.
Society, all societies in all corners of the world, and all races at that too, have been making fascinating advancements in all fields at alternate times since the beginning of time, and then it gets to our heads, we begin thinking that we are superior beings, that we are gods, that we are immortal, and then we crumble spectacularly, devastatingly and brutally, and from flying to other planets for the weekend, we are reduced, overnight, to penury, poverty and destitution for a century or two, before we rebuild and rise again. This has clearly been the story of the Human race since the beginning of time.
In Kenya right now in November 2020, is an ongoing initiative known as the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), geared towards reforming the "new" 10 year old Kenyan Constitution of 27th August 2010.
Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), at a spiritual level, has also existed since the beginning of time i.e. in the beginning, Adam and Eve were allocated a paradise called the Garden of Eden where they we were told they were free to do anything they wanted, except eat the forbidden fruit. That didn't work, for Adam and Eve anyway, and both were expelled from the Garden of Eden, rather than being detained without trial, or put before a firing squad.
Then came the Ten Commandments, which too have never worked. Human Beings will be Human Beings actually, and sometimes it is better not to "provoke" Human Beings with "rules and regulations." For example, here in Kenya are signs that have never worked e.g. "Ilani: Usikojoe Hapa!" i.e. "Warning: Do not urinate here!" Very likely, no one would quite even notice the spot had there not been "a stern warning not to urinate here," but yes Human Beings will be Human Beings i.e. now you have "provoked" them.
Same with the Ten Commandments in a sense actually e.g. "Warning!! STRICTLY NO ADULTERY ALLOWED HERE!!! We repeat... STRICTLY NO ADULTERY ALLOWED HERE!!!! Thank you, stay safe, remember to wear your face masks, and remember too, to observe social distancing, ESPECIALLY WITH REGARD TO ADULTERY!!!!" Now you have "provoked the masses" similar to "Warning: Do not urinate here!" above. It appears though that Heaven's intent was to improve on the Garden of Eden Constitution, which did not work.
Then came the New Testament, which did not and has not worked, and it appears like there will be a Third Testament, a Fourth, Fifth and Sixth if necessary i.e. as the saying goes, Heaven will never give up on us. Indeed, there are those who came before us, and there are those that will come after us.
So in the strict sense, we cannot fault the Kenyan leadership for the ongoing Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), because the Kenyan leadership could refer you to the "Spiritual Building Bridges Initiatives (SBBIs)" above that have existed since the beginning of time. The Kenyan leadership could tell you that BBIs exist in Heaven too.
We are under advise that there was a Prophet known as Jesus of Nazareth who challenged the religious orders of past times 2,000 years ago, who boldly and bravely challenged the system 2,000 years ago, as a result of which he was subjected to "street justice," speedily tried, speedily found guilty and speedily executed by the Directorate of Security Intelligence ("Special Branch"), of those times.
Mr. Jesus was not even represented in Court by a Legal Counsel "pro bono" or otherwise, and neither was he granted the right to appeal the ruling made against him, in the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court of Nazareth, unlike Mr. Trump of America, who between 3rd and 7th November 2020, has many times repeated that he will move to the Supreme Court of America to appeal the "stolen" US Presidential election of 3rd November 2020. Maybe Joe Biden and the Democrats should have put a large sign at their campaign headquarters reading "WE STOLE THE ELECTION!!!" to have the reverse effect on President Trump of "Warning: Do not urinate here!" mentioned above.
We should always bear in mind though, that there are consequences to challenging a system or an order in this life, so yes, even today in the year 2020, there are 21st century Pharisees and Sadducees similar to those Jesus of Nazareth took on 2,000 years ago, who will subject the very same "street justice" to those who challenge them and their enterprises.
There is also a thing called "Peoples Power," which is formidable i.e. when a people jointly take a stand, regardless of the consequences, a challenge that society is yet to rise up to.
One of the most scary things in this life, is to encounter a Human Being, man or woman, boy or girl, who has committed to a cause that he or she is even prepared to die for, the best example in history so far being that of Jesus of Nazareth mentioned above. It can be described like God speaking through such a Human Being and his or her cause i.e. "My loyalties are not to this world and it's ways," and if Prophet Moses in the Old Testament could not even look God in the face, then God's voice must equally be something else too.
And regarding Jesus of Nazareth, we need to draw distinct lines i.e. Jesus of Nazareth was not a suicide bomber or a mass shooter, because suicide bombers and mass shooters also claim to be "revolutionaries." Suicide bombers and mass shooters are cowards and cold blooded murderers, which Jesus of Nazareth was not. Jesus of Nazareth was a genuine revolutionary who knew nothing about bombs or guns, and neither was he interested to.
So if a society, any society, on a matter of divinity, jointly commits to a cause, regardless of the consequences and/or threats and intimidation, that can be said to be Heaven speaking through that particular society, a society that now transforms into a stage and phase between Human Beings and Angels, because of the stand it has taken, a stand that is unquestionably loyal to Heaven. This is an initiation to a higher level that society is yet to undertake or embrace.
Heaven's face and voice will be revealed, when Heaven feels that we have risen to the occasion, that we have chosen divinity over religion, which is not an easy decision for anyone to make, or any society to make.
This is a choice and a decision that society needs to make at a joint level. Jesus of Nazareth made his at an individual level, we need to make ours at a societal level.

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