Reproductive sex vs. Recreational sex

Reproductive sex vs. Recreational sex:
Were we planned for, or were just "accidents" and/or "mistakes," arising out of recreational sex? There is reproductive sex i.e. sex for procreation, and then there is recreational sex i.e. sex for pleasure. Animals engage in reproductive mating, and as the saying could go "Animals do not mate for fun." As for Human Beings we are quite the opposite of animals i.e. "We mate for fun... round the clock!"
Mating for quite a number of animals actually, is "not fun at all," is even painful for some, and is done purely for the survival of the species, animals pushed into mating by powerful forces of nature beyond the comprehension of the animals and/or the comprehension too of Human Beings.
Human Beings are animals too, but if we were stripped of all Human abilities and left with only animal abilities and animal instincts, we too would only mate purely for procreation, only once a year at that, like many mammals, and we too would also be driven to mate once a year for the survival of the species, by forces of nature beyond our comprehension.
What's the point, what point is trying to be made here, what "Moral of the story" is attempting to be delivered here?
Again, were we planned for, or were just "accidents" and/or "mistakes," arising out of recreational sex, sex for pleasure?
Justin Portal Welby, the Most Reverend Justin Portal Welby, 64 years of age, born 6th January 1956, is the current Archbishop of Canterbury, the current "Chief Executive Officer (CEO)" of the Church of England, because the sitting British Monarch is the Head of the Church of England, and by extension, the Head of the Anglican Church worldwide, and the current sitting British Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.
Justin Portal Welby had always believed his biological father to be Gavin Welby, until a DNA test in 2016, a paternity test in 2016, revealed otherwise.
The DNA test revealed that Justin Portal Welby's biological father was actually Sir Anthony Montague Browne, a one time private secretary of one time British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. And the DNA test was courtesy of a strand of hair retrieved from a comb once used by the said Sir Anthony Montague Browne. Fascinating, right? Indeed the wonders of modern Science.
Justin Portal Welby, naturally, was shocked by this discovery rather late in his life. But it's not just him who was shocked. His biological mother too, who was and is still alive, was also equally shocked. His mother, Jane Gillian, Baroness Williams of Elvel, born 11th December 1929 is now 90 years old.
His mother admitted to having an affair with Sir Anthony Montague Browne, prior to her marriage to Gavin Welby in April 1955, and in particular, having sex with Sir Anthony Montague Browne immediately before her wedding to Gavin Welby, in her words, after "a large amount of alcohol on both sides" i.e. when both she and Sir Anthony Montague Browne were both in a state of drunkenness. This as mentioned, took place immediately before her marriage to Gavin Welby in April 1955, so naturally, when Justin Portal Welby "appears on the scene" nine months later on 6th January 1956, all timelines, timetables and "protocols" fit in with the marriage of Jane and Gavin in April 1955.
So in the broad sense of the word, and since the beginning of time, how many of us have come into this world, not out of prior planning, like in the case of animals i.e. mating for procreation/reproductive mating, but like Justin Portal Welby, courtesy of "a large amount of alcohol on both sides" i.e. courtesy of recreational sex, courtesy of sex for pleasure?

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