An American Reporter has Given an Unbelievable and Mind-blowing Analysis of the Fraud of Coronavirus

An American reporter has given an unbelievable and mind-blowing analysis of the fraud of coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19 in the United States. According to him coronavirus (COVID-19), has been a game and a political fraud in the United States, aimed at unseating President Donald Trump of the office of the President come next tenure.


The WHO, NIH and other institutions he mentioned had been on, causing an economic breakdown through the lockdown with the infusion of the fear of coronavirus (COVID-19) into the people. The Medical term in charge of coronavirus or coronavirus Task Force (COVID-19) had said that the case and death rate of coronavirus (COVID-19) will increase in days, weeks and/or months, however, the case and death rate do not follow the inflation diagram as they have predicted. It has been also discovered that the death rates recorded under coronavirus (COVID-19) are inaccurate, in the sense that many died out of other illnesses, but to realize the economic breakdown through lockdown because of the fear of coronavirus (COVID-19), their death is added to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) death roll.


President Donald Trump finding this out has decided to strike back. Watch the full video here

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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu 

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