Best cure to bedwetting

Bed-wetting as we all may know is something very disgusting... Those that sought for medication never got a perfect solution to their problem. 

As a living witness to such a problem. My younger brother of 17 years as at 2015 and another man of about 36 years as at 2017

Were suffering from that particular problem then. 

It made my younger brother  uncomfortable that he'd always wish to isolate himself from the others at night. 

We consulted a physician who prescribed the following drugs:

- Darifenacin

- imipramine or

- Tofferodine etc. 

After he finished taking the drugs as prescribed by the physician, we waited for a better a result but only to realise that the drug only calmed it down but didn't provide a perfect cure to the problem. 

So, the problem continued. 

Later on,  I had an inspiration that could eliminate such a problem completely. After analysing my thoughts I found out it was the most genuine way to cure bed-wetting.

I  am proud to say that the only two people I was opportuned to counsel never bedwetted again and they have been feeling great ever since. Thank God for the solution as I believe anyone that'd follow the steps I'm about to list will gain solution to his or her problem. 

FIRSTLY: Everyone should know that the mind controls the body and it is important to pay a great attention to it. 

SECONDLY: Some people while asleep would find it hard to sense what is happening around them and that's more reasons why so many dangerous things have occurred today. 


People shouldn't sleep and be like the dead. We are still alive and should be able to take control of our body. 

Urine doesn't come out without a force driving it. Our sense of touch should be intact. Being in control of our mind will enable us sense when we are pressed. 

The moment you wake up to urinate, that means you have solved the problem yourself. Try it often and remember to always wake-up when you are pressed. 

It takes a gradual process and when you are able to master it, in no time you will stop it completely. 

It doesn't feel good to do things that'd make people keep away from you. Having all that in mind is enough to change your thinking. 

I'm happy for ARINZE ANSELEM and JOSEPH ONAH. They have shown me a lot of gratitude but only regard goes to almighty God. If they can be cured by merely taking my advice, I believe you also can get your healing. 

Being in control of our mind will enable us to always wake up anytime because to answer the call of nature. 

When it is bad or hard to go out to urinate in the night, get a small bucket closeby and clean it up in the morning.

I will talk about helping the children in my next article. 

Please do reach incase you have any question.

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