Boko Haram Fresh attacks in Imo

Just In! Boko Haram Attacks In Imo

In the wee hours of this Morning, there was heavy shoot outs between the vigilante security Men Guarding The borders of Mbaise and Obowo in Imo State and some suspected Boko haram members.

It was gathered that the members arrived in 2 small buses and some smaller cars and were surveying the environment when the security men spotted them and released fire.

Villagers were said to have been under panic as such fire exchange had never occurred before.

The said suspects were said to have fled in their cars when they discovered that the security men where heavily armed and ready for them.

Announcement by the vigilante had warned the People to be alert now and security conscious since they are suspected to be within the suburb.

Villagers have been encouraged to guard themselves properly and show no leniency in defending themselves against any intruder since the Government have turned a blind eye to the menace of these insurgents.

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