BREAKING NEWS -UK Doctors Call For Government URGENT Investigation Of mRNA Covid Vaccines

Press Release - 21/12/2022

UK Doctors Call For Government Investigation Of mRNA Covid Vaccines

The safety profile of the Covid-19 vaccines, as well as the ongoing deployment of these products to the general population, which includes pregnant women and children, is a growing source of worry for a growing number of medical professionals in the United Kingdom and throughout the world. Several doctors working for DFPUK have sent multiple Yellow Card reports of adverse events to the MHRA and have signed letters expressing their concerns to the JCVI, the MHRA, the RCOG, and others; however, they have received little to no response and no action has been taken in response to their concerns.

As a result, they have now created a video--see below , in which they express their unique opinions, clinical experiences, and significant ethical issues, in the hope that the appropriate authorities will at long last take immediate action. The original press release can be found here




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