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Dig an open rectangular pit covering the area of approximately 600 square meters or such equivalent depending on the size of land. Construct a rectangular tank on the pit and cover the top of the tank with soil leaving a space for obtaining water from the underground tank. The top of the tank should be at least 1.0m down the ground from earth surface. Then on this top covered part, practise some form of agriculture by planting crops like beans, potatoes amongst the others. In this way you shall have fought against hunger since you can consume the harvest of these crops and also you can sell the surplus to get money.
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Take the piece of blanket and dip it on the cement paste whereby the piece shall be made wet by...
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Whether you are a school or university student, these secrets (guides) will surely help you along with your student journey.
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To be ahead in life and achieve your goals the most important things are your abilities. Let's look at the...
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The Mercedes-Benz S500, which is priced at around $ 6 billion in the market, is undoubtedly one of the best...
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This is a captivating and thrilling story that you will appreciate you read. You will never be disappointed to read...
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