Dimensions of human Ego


There is no qualms, every human on Earth with an average psychological condition as some personalized ego that drives and decide their choice of living. It is the prominent parameter use to describe the identity of a person, it dictate the level of self-esteem and self importance. From it's stream comes the flow of person's consciousness, thinking feelings and mental strength. Human ego can be positive or negative and the the type a man possess will make his kind of person both in character and behavior.

Essence of Ego Ego is a major force that drive and orchestrate human thinking, behavior and ways of life. A good ego will always yield positivity, while a bad driven one will lead to negativity. However the human ego operates with mood, it can be easily switched and controlled either for the betterment of detriment of one's life

" The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one, the ego illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self" Ego Is just an urge, it could be transient sometimes, but if an ego is handled appropriately unlimited success is guaranteed. The rigid passion to overcome obstacles and fight challenges will not be found wanted. A person of strong, awesome and promising ego, will be energetic enough to resist and adjust to his immediate environment, social pressure and the unfavourable circumstances.

These sets of humans with blessed ego will not be overwhelmed or perplexed with their failure, instead they see it as a need to thrive more. They turn their scars into star, impossibility is not in their lexicon, they posses a strong internal courage.

Ego and negativity

Meanwhile, a view from the negative face of ego will always surface egoism of a thing as a great catastrophe to human kind. A negative driven ego is the father of pride, mother of selfishness and siblings of jealous, envy and hatred. An Extreme self-admiration, being self-centered, nassicism are all negative manifestation of a rotten Ego.

Even greediness is discharge from the a certain ego and the gluttonous urge to have everything. Excessive self admiration Is a negative attitude, it is good to live a humble, meek, gentle, selfless, reputable and a approachable life. You must control, even belittle that purging ego in you, Embrace a good personality and cherish every moment.

To share a sincere love, potray a good leadership trait, to be rule abiding in the society turning unyielding side to your behavioral ego and neglecting that horrendous pride is necessary.

A wierd egoistic mind lives with the sense of superiority complex, its demands some unnecessary respect and homage mostly from it's inferiors. Pride is also a particle in his blood, he lived with it. It has the extraordinary thought that everything of him is special, unique and ought to be laud , valued and appreciated profusely. The Ego of a man, will make him look others with disdain and scorn others effort, flatter their decision and appreciate his own conclusions alone.

An egoistic man shun his fellows opinions and think his right with his own decision, trying to impress every one and be seekt unnecessary accolade. He often claim Innocence and complain about others mistake, only the wise can admit their wrong quickly, remorsefully and emphatically. " A humble life is a peaceful life"

Although, love self esteem "inverted Ego" is dangerous, it's reveals your weak personality. It belittle your importance and integrity. But been Ego manic is the worst and the most outrageous. An egoistical mind is quick to judge fight and criticize. All these are negative idiosyncrasies, the best for a man is to have a balanced equanimity and navigate his mind towards positivity. Ego and work

"Leave your ego at the door every morning and just do some truly great work" No food for lazy man, you need to work and be submissive to any kind of job that can meet your end means, shun self pride it hinders prosperity. Nothing good comes so easily, get to work and eliminate hunger. To get the correct permutation in your life, you may need to reach some realms and this may require you to stoop low to find the right figure. Don't welcome the mindset that I am too old, beautiful, strong, big for this task is bad and very inimical to your success. Some atmosphere requires humble personality to archive the desired results. so lowering yourself in this situation does not disrepute you, learn from the old, tap from the young and indeed you will be wise. Don't be supercilious, shun compliancy they truncate your prosperity. It is self-destructive to be govern by your ego, be at the top of your last life.

Ego and character

The strong urge from that uncontrollable ego will always push you towards perfectionism which is unattainable. Your current circumstances environment can bestow some artificial ego in you that will bring the natural body, mind, spirit and wisdom can't perform. And even you might waste your precious time pursuing them.

This is self-deception and rampant in terms of imitating a certain person or entity. We live in a copycat society powered by ego, try and be original. To attain good success in life, you must discover your true self Don't let material, situational and environmental conditions to drive you. They will also come in guise of ego and you thinking is a goal. For someone To live a reputable and a remarkable life he/she must take total control of the mind, body, emotions and actions. Ego and mind

Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness- max Planck

You hear many sermon, read different writings, watch various movies, innumerable lessons are inculcated into your brain, Don't forget sieve them, eradicate the invalid and toxics ones before they form whole in you. There are some unreasonable teachings that turn to ego when they gets into someone's mind and start to drive one towards negativity. Be watchful of what you let in to your mind and what you let out, what you think you become.

Ego and leadership

Leadership is not a popularity contest, it's about learning your ego at the door, the name of the game to lead without tile - robin sharma Different people, with different privilege, if you are given an opportunity to lead a department or organization don't let your ego and unnecessary arrogance present you as a dictator and a brute before your followers and inferiors. A try leader sis someone who is ready to serve and lead at the interest of his people at the same time.

Having a humble and cordial relationship with your Surbordinates and maintaining a easily approachable status quo will increase your intergrity and command sincere respect for you. Kindness and gentleness is stronger and last longer than force and coercion. What force can't catch, try patience you will effortlessly grab it Ego and love

Yes, there is no doubt whatsoever, one must bow for the other, another major cause of divorce today after infidelity is this rigid ego of a thing. Some persons in marriage over value themselves and refuse to stay humble to their partner or bow for love neither. Some people are so self centered and egoistic to essence that they neglect their spouse opinion and uniqueness. This injure the love that exit in the first place and once love is lost married is dead. However, if the power of love seize control of any heart, it will neutralize the poison of ego. True love does not give room for pride and Manifestation of any destructive ego in a marriage. Embrace simplicity, love, humility, kindness, goodness and live an upright life these are the ingredients that cook up humanity. Live right, think right and never forget to do what is right.

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