Disabled Nigerian Man Faces Deportation After 38 Years in UK

Disabled  Nigerian Man Faces Deportation After 38 Years in UK

A 61-year-old disabled man, Anthony Olubunmi George, is at risk of being deported by the Home Office despite having lived in the UK for 38 years. George arrived from Nigeria in 1986 when he was 24 and has never left the country since.

In 2019, George suffered two strokes, which severely affected his speech and mobility. Despite these health challenges and his clean criminal record, the Home Office has continuously denied his applications for leave to remain, with the latest rejection occurring on May 7.

According to the Guardian ,George's immigration issues were compounded in 2005 when his previous solicitors submitted a forged entry stamp in his passport without his knowledge. This misconduct was discovered years later and reported to the police and legal regulatory bodies. George’s current lawyer, Naga Kandiah of MTC Solicitors, attributes his client’s ongoing problems to this past legal malpractice.

In their most recent refusal, Home Office officials stated: “Unfortunately, this is not something that is considered an exceptional circumstance.” In response, Kandiah has lodged an appeal against the decision, hoping to overturn the refusal and secure George’s right to remain in the UK.

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