Donald Trump Seen As The Most Pro-jewish Leader

Donald Trump, has stood on the frontline to defend and side with Jews on all their endeavors. The Jewish people who are living in the Israeli state have faced alot of opposition and conflicts from their Arab neighbors.

The Arabs have supported the Palestine and wanted Jerusalem to be counted as the city of Palestine. All eyes were on United States' president on what he could do about it. To the favor of Jews, Trump ignored all other voices and recognized Jerusalem as Israel capital. This brought alot of tension between Arab nations and Americans.

Trump didn't cease to defend the only nation sorrounded by her enemies (Israel). He further went ahead and organized for peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel which eased the tension that was there before. This action of peace talks between Saudi Arabia and Israel didn't please most of Arabic nations like Palestine so much. They felt that Saudi Arabia leader has betrayed the trust for other Arabs.

Trump has gone further to be close friend to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister. Even in this Covid-19 pandemic, Trump has desired the support of Benjamin Netanyahu to weaken Joe Biden. This didn't work as he thought it would be after Netanyahu declined the invitation.

It's not easy to forget that it is Donald Trump who patroned the deal between Israel and Sudan. This was to make Israel be at peace with her oppressors so that they can concentrate more on production rather concentrating on defending their borders from the enemy attacks.

Still this can be seen today when one of the Trump supporters tweeted and said that Donald Trump is seeming to be Pro-jewish. This was impressive to Donald Trump and he retweeted thus showing himself a supporter of Jews.

Now Donald Trump has done much in favour of Israeli state more than all the other Presidents who preceded him. The big question is this; what shall Benjamin Netanyahu do this time when Trump is faced by so many issues to United States of America to show him his gratitude? Shall Netanyahu stand with Trump or shall he run away? 

Shall Netanyahu encourage his allies to support Trump or shall be keep quiet as if he has not tasted the goodness of Donald Trump's leadership? Let's see. Much still to come and it is predicted that Trump shall stand for Israel all the time. 

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