Easy ways to make money on Twitter

Looking for a side hustle? Something that generates money with little stress? Maybe you are a student and you need a way of making some extra cash. Your twitter account could be that answer. Why spend hours just scrolling through your timeline when you could actually make money off it.

We hear of twitter influencers and those who are brand ambassadors. These are people who have been able to monetize their social media accounts by creating a niche while making a name for themselves. However, you don’t even have to do so much to get paid using your account. With as little as 100 followers, you can actually draw in some funds. All that is required is some level of creativity and patience.

Here are easy ways to make money with your twitter account:

1)Sponsored posts/Ads: Sponsored tweets means you create ads that are paid for per click. There are numerous ads put out by many industries. You can easily partner with some brands to help advertise their products. You then get paid for each click made. To do this, you need an active twitter account. It is also important to put up valuable contents as this will increase your earning rate. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have made thousands of dollars just by putting up a single tweet. Becoming a Twitter Influencer can be easy. All that is required is consistency and a sense of value.

2)Affiliate marketing: If you own a blog or a website, you can become an affiliate marketer on Twitter. All you have to do is look for sellers who are willing to pay for a percentage of sales made for every referral you bring. Using your blog or website, you can drive traffic to twitter by posting up links to the seller's account. This is a profitable way to make money, and can also be done on and off Twitter.

3)Sell/market a product: Using twitter, you can market your own products. There are so many things to sell on Twitter like Footwear, Hair and hair products, Food items, Perfumes, Clothes and many more. You can easily create your own online market and centre your following around your target market. Twitter is a very large community that allows you reach people easily. Be sure to be strategic about marketing and not put out too many posts at a time. Create valuable content and offer useful information. This way, people know to contact you when they need your product/services. You can also offer incentives like discounts and seasonal promotions. Another way to generate sales is by partnering with popular Twitter accounts in affiliate marketing.

4)Create a Twitter-related service: Twitter users are often in need of services that makes being online easier. You can find services that allow people to set reminders on tweets and allow people to download videos. There are others that combine threads. You can also offer account building services. All that matters is that you create value and provide an easy solution. When you create your own service, you own it and this can open you up to more opportunities. A case study is of a Nigerian who built ‘Quoted Replies' and was offered a job at Twitter.


Making a little extra cash doesn’t have to be necessarily complex. Simply explore your options and select one that best serves your purpose.

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