Freedom of Expression: a Simple Understanding

Movement follows being. This is a famous principle depicting the natural tendecies of each being: living and non- living. Simply, birds chirp. Dogs bark. Human being speaks the language that he/ she knows. Naturally, freedom and expression are part of our communicative dimension. They go beyond civil and legal constitution. The right and freedom to express are built in the human nature. Is there any extent to which freedom and expression be in limit? What do we mean by freedom and exression? In some situations, people limit the understanding of freedom and expression to the constitution. They primarily presume that they are only within the government and citizen's relationship. They thought that freedom and expression to what are only dictated by the civil and legal codes. If that is the case, human being cannot do if it is not said in the constitution. However, the civil codes did tell Filipino people to eat three times a day. Or it does not even say about respect to the elderly, yet citizens continue practicing proper manners dealing with virtues and values.

Freedom and expression are fundamental attributes essential to human beings. They are elements portraying human identity and personality. They are modes to communication and survival. There are forms to which they are applied based from the skills and abilities than an individual may inhabit like writing, singing, speaking, and other actions manifesting language through signs and symbols. Freedom is liberation out of coercion. A human being can think whatever his/ her mind wants to discover. He can speak whatever facts, knowledge and words that he/ she desires to say. He can do whatever actions good and bad it may be. However, human freedom needs education that it may transcend to what it should be. Expression means communication. Without expression, there could be no communication. A blind man can speak and be understood by the sound from his mouth. A mute may perform body language to manifest meaning to be understood. Expression depends on freedom. One can do and say to what his being can only manifest. A person speaks and acts bad things because that is what he/ she knows. If he/ she has done good, it means that he/ she has been educated in a good sense. We cannot limit an individual but it depends on his/ her tendencies to what extent his/ her words and deeds can be. Limitation is part of human expression. Human expression goes beyond limitation depending on freedom. One may speak different languages depending on what he/ she has. One may practice different cultures due to the influences he/ she has been. His or her freedom in terms of expression has to do with the content and context brought to him or her by the situations.

Freedom of expression is not limited to what was coded in the civil and legal laws. But freedom and expression have limitations depending on human person's education, convention and influences. Inspite of the constitution and legal codes, an individual has always choice whether to obey or not due to her or his conscience. Even there are limits, one's potentiality to extend and expand to practice his/ her freedom and expression is limitless. However, expression must be set to what is just and right. Freedom should be exercised in the context of what is ought. Freedom of expression always transcends based on how we initiate ourselves to discover what is pleasing not only to ourselves but also to others. It is by expression that we give meaning. it is by freedom that we extend and transcend expression through our skills and abilities to create the best means of our living.

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