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Facts about supernatural powers and villains!

Have you ever imagined what it's like to be a superhero? That is, after all, one of the many things we as humans covertly ponder. This article points out that the apocalypse will be evoked by Amulla as calculated by Olebogeng Phefo in his Untold, unlocked, and unspoken facts about life article. Amulla is a very infectious sickness, and the ingredients used to create it are dangerous. Those that survive the plague will be impacted by numerous accoutrements, resulting in villains and zombie ideologies. The zombie apocalypse will be caused by those who were killed by the virus but whose bodies were kept alive by the infinite atomic energy used in the creation of Amulla, and villains will be exacerbated by those who were exposed to the virus but took medical and technical measures to put the virus to rest. Villains will have a mental capacity of 50% human and 50% artificial, totalling 100%. The other half allows them to process human emotions and ideas, while the other half improves their physique to give them endless strength, powers, and energy.

The war will result in the destruction of habitat, both humans and animals will be extinct on earth. There will be an introduction of a new gene pool spread by villains. The antiheroes will reproduce descendants that have the same gene as them, this will be a new evolution and introduction of new species on earth.

A genetic factor will be extracted from the dead bodies of deceased animals and introduced into a new composition to form modified robotic animals that have capabilities of producing perpetual processed food. This will ensure everlasting food security to the inhabitants.

Another strategy that will be implemented to deduce food insecurity according to Olebogeng Phefo’s intuition will be the starter of another gene pool in vegetation, imagine having plants that do not need water or rain to survive! The plants will reach their supply directly from the nutrients of the soil and will be able to form moisture for themselves- imagine plants that don't require any water or rain to thrive! The plants will get their nutrition straight from the soil's nutrients and will be able to create their own hydration.

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