How Humans were Created:Not the Creation Story in the Bible

The Anunnaki were an Extra-Terrestrial tribe of Alien Gods from the Planet Nibiru, according to Zechariah Sitchin's Ancient Astronaut Theory.

1.The term Anunnaki means "children of Anu on Earth (Ki)" in Sumerian, implying that they were Ancient Astronauts who travelled from their Home Planet Nibiru to Earth.


The Anunnaki were derived from the Supreme Ruler of their Home Planet Nibiru, Anu or An. Under the guidance of the Supreme God Anu, the Anunnaki Pantheon was made up of a Pantheon of 12 Gods.


2.What Caused The Anunnaki Gods To Depart From Nibiru?


According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki departed Nibiru in quest of mono-atomic gold to restore their failing atmosphere.


3. When Did The Ancient Astronauts The Anunnaki Arrive?


Around 450 000 years ago, the Anunnaki are said to have landed on Earth.


4. Where Did The Anunnaki First Settle?


The Base Station at EDIN (Garden Of Eden) was the first Ancient Astronaut Settlement constructed by the Anunnaki, and Eridu was the first Aunnaki City State.


5. Significant Events on Earth During the Period of Ancient Astronaut Activity

The Anunnaki's main activity was the establishment of a Civilization ruled by Ancient Astronauts, which included gold mining operations, the establishment of City States in Sumer, Mesoamerica, the Indus and Nile Valleys, the creation of Man through DNA Engineering, the introduction of Civilization, Religion, and Culture, and the Pyramid Wars of Supremacy amongst themselves for control of the City States.


6. What Gold Mines Did The Anunnaki Use?


The earliest Ancient Astronaut Gold Mining activities took place in Mesopotamian seas around Eridu, but the amounts were inadequate, therefore the Anunnaki Gold Mining operations were relocated to Southern Africa.


7. How and when did the Anunnaki create man?


Following the Igigi Rebellion, the Anunnaki Gods created mankind by combining the DNA of Homo Erectus with Anunnaki DNA to produce the first Human Adama Prototype approximately 400 000 years ago.

The Igigi had previously been entrusted with gold-mining duties on behalf of the Ancient Astronauts, but the job proved to be too much for them, and they revolted due to their arduous labour.


The Anunnaki God Enki suggested that a genetically hybrid Slave of Human Beings be created to take over the job of the Igigi.


8. What were the Anunnaki's contributions to civilization?


The Hebrew Bible's 'Elohim' and 'Nephilim' are the Ancient Astronaut Gods, and they created the Earth via a mix of technical skill in areas such as building, astronomy, construction, and writing.

The Anunnaki also developed a complex system of Propaganda, which is now the foundation of contemporary religion, to control the Human population.


9.The Anunnaki and the Great Flood


The Sumerian City States ruled by different Anunnaki Gods ultimately grew in population beyond what Enlil, the commander of the Ancient Astronauts on Earth, desired.A Natural Disaster in the form of a natural tidal wave, which would produce a Great Flood or Deluge owing to Nibiru's near orbit to the Earth, provided the Anunnaki with a chance to decrease the Human Population.However, ENKI, the Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki Gods who created humanity, forewarned them of impending catastrophe by ordering the construction of an Ark.The Anunnaki thus spared humanity from complete annihilation, but this exacerbated a schism between the two Ancient Astronaut groups headed by Chief Anunnaki Princes Enki and Enlil.


10. What Were the Anunnaki Wars Caused By?

Enki vs. Enlil Rivalry: Anunnaki Bloodline Succession Rules.The Anunnaki Princes Enki and Enlil's rivalry may be explained in terms of Anunnaki succession laws.

The Ancient Astronauts observed specific Rules of Succession prior to their arrival from Nibiru. According to the Anunnaki Rules, the King's Successor had to be of the purest blood.If an Anunnaki King and his Royal spouse did not have a son, his eldest Male kid with a Concubine would be his Successor. If the Anunnaki King's official Spouse later bore him a Son, the official Spouse's Son would be the Anunnaki King's Successor.We had a scenario with Enki and Enlil where Enki, who was born of Anu's connection with a Concubine, was the official Successor at first, but when Anu's Spouse subsequently had a Son (Enlil), Enki was supplanted as the Official Successor in line with the Anunnaki succession laws.Enki was forced to accept Enlil as Anu's successor, but he expressed his displeasure by fighting Enlil at every important crossroads, beginning with the Igigi Rebellion, the Garden of Eden event, and finally the Great Deluge (Noah's Flood).

The Igigi Uprising

The Igigi revolt, as previously mentioned, occurred when the Igigi revolted. According to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, Enki orchestrated the Igigi Rebellion in order to frustrate Enlil and seize control of the Anunnaki's gold-mining activities.


The Anunnaki's Creation of Man

Against Enlil's and the rest of the Anunnaki Council's desires, Enki had covertly genetically modified the Adamu to reproduce.

Enki did this on purpose, according to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, in order to hold Enlil and the rest of the Anunnaki to ransom since he would be in control of the new labour force.


The Pyramid Wars of the Anunnaki


As a consequence of the underlying Anunnaki succession conflicts that continued to play out, an open war between the Anunnaki factions of Enki and Enlil broke out.These battles were known as the first and second Anunnaki ‘Pyramid Wars,' and they took place in Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, according to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis.These Anunnaki Wars ultimately led to the introduction of the culture of war to Man, as well as Abraham's ascent to power, paving the way for the world's Monotheistic Religions.Another significant consequence of the Ancient Astronaut Wars was the Nuclear Holocaust, as shown by the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah, which led to the Sumerian Civilization's ultimate annihilation.


11.When did the Anunnaki leave and why did they go?


The Ancient Astronaut Theory is used by Zechariah Sitchin in his book The End Of Days to claim that the Anunnaki first departed for Mars following the destruction of the Sinai Peninsula Spaceport and the emergence of Babylon under Marduk, utilising Meso-American bases at NAZCA and Teotihuacan.

However, under King Nabonaidus, the Enlilite Anunnaki Faction, represented by the Moon God, Sin, replaced Marduk as the Chief Anunnaki God of Babylon.

Marduk and the Enkiites responded by recruiting Cyrus the Great, who destroyed Nabonaidus and re-established Marduk as King of Babylon.

According to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, the Hitiites, Romans, and Greeks descended from the Anunnaki's involvement in the formation of the Persian Empire.


12. What Is The Anunnaki Gods' Legacy?

The Sumerian Anunnaki Gods' legacy has made its way into contemporary religion, especially via shorter versions of Sumerian and subsequent Babylonian texts like the Hebrew Bible's Enuma Elish Creation Epic.As a result, the world's major Monotheistic Religions, beginning with Judaism, followed by Christianity, and finally Islam, have been built on this foundation.According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the Anunnaki's legacy extends to the birth of Man and Civilization as we know it.The memory of the Sumerian Anunnaki Gods and their Saga on Earth has been lost to the mists of time, yet their lasting legacy lives on because it is possible that the Ancient Astronauts of Sumer were the ones who gave Humans the blueprint for how to build a Civilization.



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