How to Convince the Universe to give you what you want

There are many ways you can use to CONVINCE the Universe to give you what you want. How do you convince the Universe to give you what you want? Start where you are at this very moment while you are reading these words. This is the right moment for you to convince the Universe to give you what you want. You probably read countless books, listened to self help tapes and paid a lot of money to attend seminars. And here it is: start where you are. It seems irrational to start where you are when you are struggling with paying the bills, going through a divorce, facing unemployment, poor health and all other bad situations. Yet again start where are – right there in that situation. There in your situation that looks like it is getting worse, and that is exactly where you have to start. Don’t think twice, don’t doubt it, and don’t even try to question it – just do it – start where you are, by using the power of your tongue. “My tongue, you say?” Yes - Use your tongue to speak it out. The most powerful tool right where you are is your tongue, that little part of your body. In the book of James 3:5 “even so the tongue is a little member, boasteth great things…” James spoke a lot about the tongue and the use of correct intentions over the things you speak out. The reason we fail to get what we want is: we don’t speak it out. I can hear you complain now “but I have been praying”. Of course you have been praying and that is exactly where the mistake lies. Because when we pray we approach the Universe in a position of lack – I don’t have. Never approach the Universe with negative words “I don’t have, therefore I ask but, maybe I don’t deserve it. At least I tried. I asked”. Speak it out using your tongue. You will never convince the Universe with words like “I want” “I am asking” “May you please”. To the Universe that sounds like screaming in empty space. When you know something exists. You don’t go wanting it and asking for it – you call it forth – let there be. Now when you speak out the situation that you want to manifest in your life. Use affirmations that describe the very situation or thing that you want in your life. In fact don’t want it, don’t ask for it, don’t believe it can happen – feel and know it is happening now. And not as “if” – it should be “it is happening”. The past is gone, what exists is today and tomorrow is a mystery. The Universe does not respond to words filled with lack but abundance only. By speaking it out using the tongue, is the key to convince the Universe to give you what you want. So speak it out and experience it happening now.

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