How to Earn Your First 0.01 Bitcoin ( about $110) as Free Holder

First of all, you just need to know that there is something called Bitcoin. What are the benefits?:

▶ It allows many people to achieve financial freedom. ▶ It is a good investment target. ▶ It is a way to resist the inflation of legal currency. ▶ Its price crossed $10,000 in January 2020.

Other related concepts, such as blockchain, digital currency, mining, and decentralization, have nothing to do with you. Just know that Bitcoin is a good thing and you deserve it.

It is now a good time to start with one more Bitcoin of $474. No money to buy? It doesn't matter, just do as I said, and you can get more than 0.01 Bitcoin.

In order to get free bitcoins, I try to use simple and crude narratives to let everyone know as soon as possible. After all, these methods are time-sensitive.

Now these are steps to take note of:

1. Some URLs are too long and can be changed to short URLs.

2. If you open the link on WeChat, it may be blocked, so try to copy it to the browser to open.

3. Some websites may require scientific Internet access.

4. Don't be too troublesome, it's a lot more sweeping than you shake the red envelope once a year.

5. It is recommended that you operate on your computer.

6. All trading platforms require KYC (identity verification).

7. For the safety of your funds, you must install Google secondary authentication.

▪ Get started: Get free candy (Candy)

The simple understanding of Candy is that when you have an account or register for a certain channel, you will be given money in the blockchain world for free. The most famous candy is Stellar, which is now the seventh most valuable blockchain asset in the world. Ninety-five percent of the stellars are distributed for free, with a total of 100 billion issued, and each is now worth about $0.024.

But the candy that I want to talk about here is not that candy, it is a token called Candy. It is defined as an ETF fund in the blockchain world.

No matter what it is, it is a good thing that can help you earn bitcoins for free, the more the better.

The first step is to register a blockchain exchange like this BigOne  (

According to the announcement on the official website

As of 24 o'clock on February 22nd, the first 500,000 users who have registered at BigONE and passed KYC (User Real Name Authentication) will each receive 20,000 CANDY!

After registering through KYC, take a look at your candy box. Take the 20,000 Candy first. Other ways to receive candy require a transaction. I honestly took these 20,000 bags for safety.

The second step is to register on Candy's official website (

This registration is very simple – just use your mobile phone number. After registration, you will get 100 Candy. There is an "Invite Friends" below, and each successful invitation to a friend will get 40 Candy.

The number of Candy obtained by this method is outrageous, but the main purpose is to obtain a Candy account.

The third step is to listen to exclusive benefits for users:

If you are a user of WeChat public account "Listen together" and have purchased the courses inside, then congratulations! Just go to the website (

Collect your Candy rewards. I had listened to some courses before, and finally received 130,000 Candy.

If you are not a listening user, you can check whether there is a suitable course for you to learn, and then receive the Candy reward.

However, this reward can only be claimed once, and you must make sure to collect all the courses you want to learn. The way to get it is to verify the registered mobile phone number on Candy's official website.

▪ Obtain free blockchain assets

Here comes the point. This is the highlight of this article. If the Candy above is a thunderstorm, then the APP mining of Gongxinbao is a kind of tricky way.

What is mining? It can be understood as a way for someone to make money for you 24 hours a day. But what this mining digs is blockchain assets.

⚫This may be a wrong way to go:

Convert the mined treasure into Bitcoin, and as the holder, you will realise the 0.01th Bitcoin

▶ First settle accounts

0.01BTC=539.68 RMB (data taken from February 11, 2018).

In other words, about 11,000 Candy is needed, or use the Gongxinbao App to mine for at least 3 months.

But neither Candy nor the Gongxinbao App dug into Bitcoin.

After that, other blockchain assets need to be converted to Bitcoin-that is, currency transactions.

Blockchain assets, like legal currency assets, have many varieties. The hard currency of the blockchain world, Bitcoin (BTC), is like the US dollar in the fiat currency world, and Ethereum (ETH) is like the Euro.

In the real world, the currencies of various countries will have exchange rate changes based on the market, national conditions, and economic conditions. The same is true in the blockchain world.

The blockchain assets we hold are too niche, and we need to conduct currency transactions to convert niche currencies into popular currencies, such as Bitcoin. At this time, you need to use the blockchain trading platform.

There are currently more than 200 trading platforms in the world, and we have to choose the ones with large trading volume and various trading varieties. Here I recommend 3 trading platforms I am using:

1. Huobi (

Ranked in the top 10 in the world, and you can still register now. The homepage IP has been blocked. If you don’t know how to surf the Internet, you can access it by clicking my link.

2. Binance (

Ranked among the top 3 in the world, with more than 10 million registered users. Though, you will see an announcement to stop the service for users in mainland China.

3. BigOne (

Candy's home base. It can also be said to be another version of that year.

The richest man in Bitcoin in China and the founder of INB Capital, Mr. Li Xiaolai made it. He is also the leader of most people in the domestic blockchain circle.

▪ Realize blockchain assets into legal currency

A luminary teacher, Li Xiaolai once said something very moving: "For me, it's only when the centralized legal currency is exchanged for decentralized blockchain assets that it is monetization." Did you just read what he said?

The reason why I say "ahead" is because I can't wait for mortals to do it.

In order to convert blockchain assets into legal currency, we need to go to an over-the-counter exchange. The so-called over-the-counter transactions are equivalent to the "Taobao" of foreign exchange dealers at the bank. The goods that buyers and sellers trade are blockchain assets, and there are third-party platforms for secured transactions. Here are the two most recommended platforms


At present, the smoothest and most useful over-the-counter trading platform supports Alipay, WeChat, and bank card payment, which I use the most.

2. Localbotcoins (http://www.localbitcoins.coml

Need scientific Internet access, the world's most well-known OTC trading platform also has an over-the-counter trading platform. These three over-the-counter trading platforms can compare prices and trade on the best.

Sometimes in order to complete the transaction as soon as possible, according to factors such as transaction volume, it is necessary to exchange different blockchain assets on the trading platform, and then go to the OTC trading platform to realize the cash.

▪ Challenge of registration on these platforms

Many people may find it troublesome. Registration of the trading platform requires KYC, and various materials need to be submitted; for security, it is necessary to install Google secondary authentication; all links need not be opened directly on WeChat and need to be copied; mining apps need to be trusted and so on.

I also recommended it to some friends before, and most of the feedback I got was too troublesome.

Tell a story: Last year, the first release of some projects required a whitelist registration by email, and each whitelist gave a certain amount of free candy. One person registered more than 70 mailboxes just to get more candies. Moreover, these white-listed mailboxes had already fetched RMB 2,000 on Taobao.

In fact, the trouble is just your excuse. You can always find a way if you value it, and you can always find an excuse if you don't pay attention to it.

▪ Final words

Let’s get to know it first. In fact, I only know a little bit about the blockchain world. But according to the method I said, certain blockchain assets can definitely be held for free.

If you have a better way, or have questions and suggestions, please leave a message, let’s get to know.

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