How to get rid of Depression.

Depression, A word that no can get rid of even I'm pretty sure our so loved motivational speakers also gets depressed. Some for valid reasons and some by means of overthinking right? Yes, We all face depression at one point in life and no can get rid of it by listening or reading motivational videos or articles, they all are a temporary solution. So we cant get rid of depression. But But But, What if I tell you that the thing or particular word depression never exists in this small world? Did I just mess up your minds? Yes. Cool. Let me get this straight and simple for you guys. Depression is not a thing nor an emotion. It is a thought of our mind which is kept running on our minds and making us angry, sad or upset again and again. it's just a thought which is kept running on our minds which we don't want in our minds, Thus it controls our emotion and mind. A negative one which is basically we don't want to think about but because we have no control over our minds that's why we can't get rid of.

Now Imagine, you just had a thought or overthinking about something which you don't want to think ok? And within a minute of coming, it gets fade away from your mind and you are so fine now. feeling really good. will you be depressed then?

Hell no right.

But if that particular thought or overthink that negative one remains there in your mind for rental basis, isn't it going to blow away your mind then? Something that you don't want to think keeps running on your mind will definitely make you fed up, that's what we call depression and one more thing some good misconceptions about depressions are that in depression we don't just get depressed but also felt unconscious every time behaves unconscious, Felt unconscious on floor or unconscious while driving or something.

Let me tell you my friend, its call a disease, not depression. Call your doctor as soon as possible.

So, I hope this will clear some of your misconceptions about depression.

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