How to make a flower pot froman old blanket.

Materials required.

1.A bucket

2. Cement powder

3. Water in a basin

4 How to make an homemade flower pot from an old blanket­. Paint and sprayer.

5. Scissors

6. Stirring machine/rod




1. Cut the old blanket into two equal parts and fold each of them into four equal pieces squarely. Then cut the point of intersection of edges to make a hole which shall be acting as a drainage hole.

2. Then make a thick cement paste by adding cement powder to the water in the basin and then stirring using a stirring rod or machine unto the paste achieves uniformity.

3. Dip the old piece of blanket into the paste and ensure that the piece of blanket is soaked in the paste. That is, the cement paste has to wet the piece of blanket completely. The using the olive oil smear the top and outer surface of the bucket unto which the blanket piece wetted with cement paste shall lay. This is for easy removal of the material after cement has set out.

4. Have your wetted piece of blanket layed on the top of bucket which is on upside down position and arrange them in that the wetted blanket shall lay over it and produce the desired shape.

5. Leave it for 24 hours to give a room for cement paste it blanket to set out and harden.

6. After 24 hours, you can separate the bucket and the product formed and then spray the outer side of it with your favorite colors.

7. Then put garden soil in the pot made to have your full homemade flower pot. Then keep on watering the flower to ensure it doesn't dry.

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