How to visit Dubai in just 15000 RS or 200 USD

So, In this article, I'll show you how I visited Dubai, U.A.E for just rs 15000 and covered everything Dubai offers to its travellers. Please note that it excludes Plane tickets because the cost varies in different countries. For now, let's focus on our trip. Also, I will give you the total expenditure at the end of this article. So, I have visited DXB (Dubai) international airport at around 8 in the morning. The first thing I do is go for the immigration. Secondly, Dubai airport is in one corner of Dubai which is a great thing. now, when I check out from the airport booked a cab to my hotel which I already booked. I booked a cheap hotel near Downtown Dubai which cost me 1000 rs for one night which includes dinner only. This is because it is near to Downtown Dubai which is a costly place, because of the tallest building. Now the first thing I have done is to visit Dubai frame as it is in the corner of Dubai. I have visited from east to west. So now I took the metro as it is cheap in Dubai. it cost me around only 5AED that is equal to around 100 Indian rs. Now the cost of Dubai frame is 50 Aed for adults that is around 980 Indian rs. Dubai frame gives a brief view of old Dubai to new Dubai and believe me the view was awesome. After that, I have visited Dubai creek also known as old Dubai which around 11 km from the Dubai frame. I took the public transport which cost me around 10 Aed which is equal to 200 Indian rs. Dubai creek offers a wide range of traditions. Dubai creek offers a boating experience which only cost 1 Aed. Yes, only 1 Aed. Which will give you a proper tour of old Dubai? So, I have visited two of the most famous places which Dubai offers in only hours. The time then was around 5 pm. SO its the time for the tallest building. Yes, Burj Khalifa. There is no ticket for the view from below but if you want to go inside of it you have to pay 149 AED for general admission entry which includes view from 124th and 125th floor and also free snacks. the prime hours are 9 am to 3:30 pm and 6 pm to until closing and it's better to visit it in the night and next day in the morning so it will give you some more time to visit other places. Now I have completed visited it and it is awesome I loved it but I'm feeling so hungry by now. I need to eat something as I haven't eaten anything since morning but I don't need to eat anything, my free dinner at the hotel is waiting for me. so now I have visited Burj Khalifa also. I have seen the night lights of Dubai from the 124th floor and also have seen the Dubai fountain from the top, visited Dubai frame and also seen the old Dubai. My hotel is at the walking distance from Burj Khalifa, so I skipped the cab and took a walk on Dubai's roads. Tomorrow I have to check out before 9 am.a

Now the next day, A new journey started. I chcked out at 8:30 and again visited Burj Khalifa because I don't come here every day and I have to see the Dubai from the 124th floor at day time. so I again pay 149 Aed and watched the most beautiful view. You can also go for the 148th floor but for that, you have to pay 378 AED. So I have visited it what now? How can we forget the biggest mall in the world? Dubai Mall. so let's go inside as it is in walking distance from Burj Khalifa. There is no ticket for that but there is a ticket for the Dubai aquarium inside Dubai mall and I'm telling you that you must visit it. The price of the ticket is 135 AED for adults which includes both aquarium and underwater zoo. you can do more but you have to pay more than and my experience is so good there. I enjoyed a lot now we have visited the grand mall. Now what?

Its beach time folks. Jumeirah Beach is the closest but I want to take pictures with Burj al Arab in the background so I took the metro and paid 8 Aed and visited Jumeirah public beach took some awesome pictures with Burj al arab in the back. Enjoyed a lot. Now, it's around 3 pm back then. So I returned to the roads and searched for an Indian restaurant. and I found it. again the taste was awesome and it is also not than cheap nor luxury. I won't include it cost because it depends on you what type of food you want and where you goes.

Now if you have extra money you can also take a metro for the tour of palm Jumeirah. it will take you for a complete tourn to palm Jumeirah from the metro. Also if you have more money than you can go to Palm hotel and also it adventure waterpark. I have cut the cost so I skipped it. and took a metro for Dubai marina. Now, I booked a hotel near Dubai marina which costs me around 1000 Indian rs per night and I rest for 2 nights there and sadly I do not gives me free dinner. So I have to pay for my dinner. Next morning. I have taken a cab for the Dubai miracle garden biggest flower garden in the world. I cost me a little much as it is in good distance from Dubai marina. it cost me around 25AED which is around 500 Indian rs. I have visited it, feeling relax and chilled .now I have to take lunch so I have taken my lunch at a good restaurant nearby. now its already 4 am. so I left the miracle garden and reached my hotel at the same rate i.e. 25AED. I'm too tired now so I took a good sleep for 1 hour. Now its 8 am and its the right time to walk Dubai marina and Let me tell you its the best walk I have taken in my trip. The crowd was awesome. The tall buildings nearby makes it more awesome. the restaurant where I have taken my dinner, the ships next to us. all was awesome. I enjoyed a lot at Dubai marina. Now its too late let's sleep. Next morning I check out from the hotel and its time to go back so I took the metro again but I also took a break and reached the mall of emirates. I have just visited it but if you have extra money you can visit ski Dubai where you get the experience of ski and snow. Now I again took a metro and reached Dubai international airport. So, This is my journey. Below is the whole expenditure.

Cab = 60AED Metro = 35AED Hotels = 3000 indian rs or 158AED Burj khalifa = 298AED for two visits Dubai aquarium = 135AE Dubai Miracle Garden = 40AED Dubai Frame = 50AED Dubai creek boat = 1AED Food = Depends on you. Shopping depends on you Total = 777 AED Or Around 15000 Indian rs Or 211 USD

Now if you want to cut more you can visit Burj Khalifa at once at the night time. it will save your 149AED OR 1000 RS And if we include flights it will be around 25000 to 30000 Indian rs.

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