Is the Covid-19 Vaccine killing people silently in Nigeria?

It is no longer news that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines can have serious adverse effects on people who take them; this fact has been acknowledged and documented by the CDC. Unfortunately, stories of people dying suddenly and experiencing adverse effects after having the vaccines are scattered all over social media websites and, quite frankly, are too many to report.

 The US's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) displays very uncomfortable data with myocarditis, thrombosis, and death, topping the list of adverse events people have reported. The UK yellow card reporting system is not different from those reported in the US, and recently, there have been reports of increased excess non-covid death in the UK. Ignoring these tragic events' correlation with the mRNA Vaccines' mass rollout would be irresponsible. 


Nigeria, one of the most populous countries in Africa, does not have robust reporting systems like most western nations, so it is almost impossible to model and access real-world information. In addition, autopsies are hardly done on the deceased, making it difficult to determine how the person died. However, word-of-mouth information is often relied upon and tends to spread faster and, in some cases, is reliable. Recently, there has been a word-of-mouth report of healthy, vaccinated Nigerians dying suddenly.

A popular Nigeria gospel artist Mr Okposo slumped and died suddenly of a heart attack on the 25th of November,2022. Available reports suggest he was vaccinated. 

Mr Mojeed Adebayo Salami, a Superintendent of Police and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Charge of Seme border Police Station under the Lagos Police Command, died suddenly. According to a close associate of the late DPO, Mr Mojeed Adebayo Salami died in his sleep.

The Ode Ekiti-born politician was said to have died after he collapsed in his office in Abuja. One of the aides to the former lawmaker confirmed to Radio Nigeria that Senator Aluko was neither sick nor exhibited any sickness symptoms. 

  The wife of a prominent Lagos APC chieftain, Mrs Yetunde Alebiosu, died suddenly after collapsing whilst attending a public function in December, 2022.

Former Enyimba and Nasarawa United footballer Chinedu Udechukwu who won the Nigerian Professional Football League title with Enyimba, was reported to have slumped and died in Jos, Plateau State. 

The 21yrs old Kano Pillars star Ebuka Odenigbo died suddenly on the 25th December, 2022 , throwing the entire Nigeria Professional Football League community into mourning.

A  Nollywood actress, Chinedu Bernard, slumped and died while cleaning a church. Her death shocked everyone because she was healthy, and her dream was to be the best actress in Africa .The list goes on and on.

 Henry Ekpe writing on imotrumpeta, and in an article entitled "2023 and the Imo situation ", expressed his sadness for the sudden loss of three friends. Henry Ekp was particularly concerned about the way the three of them died. He states, "  

One disturbing aspect of these deaths was that they all died suddenly. Unannounced, within a short time, not less than a few hours". 

Although Henry Ekpe did not indicate in his post if his friends were vaccinated, many people who worked in high places in Nigeria , including Federal Government employees were mandated to take the vaccine. Therefore, it would be reasonable to suggest that  Henry Ekpe's friends may have had the vaccine.

In south Africa, there is call for the vaccines to be suspended 

People are dying suddenly in shockingly high numbers. Heart attacks, cardiac arrest and dying while asleep are the three ways people have reported to have died .

 . The hashtags #diedsuddenly and #diedunexpectedly in Twitter documents reported deaths on the social media website. Even recently, the owner of Twitter and the CEO  of Telsa, Elon Musk, wrote that he is vaccine injured and said that a family member was also vaccine injured.

The sad fact is the silence in mainstream media and the manufacturers of these vaccines. One must ask how long the silences will remain and when would the manufacturers and enforcers of these vaccines be brought to justice if it is proven to be the cause of these sudden deaths.

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