IS THERE A SPECIFIC DRUGS OR MEDICINE FOR COVID 19? Starting from the origin of where coronavirus came from which is (China), up till date, different doctors have been carrying out several test on covid 19 which could leads to either positive or negative. The disease which have spread to the alter most part of the world have killed over 18,000 people while over 553,000 people were infected. Those infected were test positive while those that are not infected but kept on with quarantine and sanitizing their hands were tested negative. Most countries like China, Italy, Spain, U.S.A, U.K and so on greatly experienced the deadly disease. Some loose their property, families and relatives through this covid 19, yet researcher is still going on for the cure for covid 19. China citizens which were mostly affected of this virus were recovering from it in 60 percents while other countries that partake or infected were not really recovering from covid 19 like that of China. Most of the kits sent from China to Italy in order to prevent them from covid 19 were artificially fakes kits. Italy returned it and write to them (China) that their kits were fake and China said they are sorry for this which is suppose not to be. Yet, despite all this, there is no specific drugs or medicine from the Europe, Asia, Anastasia, and so on even nor African countries that can cure covid 19. The European doctors were all trying their best, ability to find or get a vaccine or drugs that will be the cure for the diseases but to no prevail, there is no specific drugs or medicine to cure it but research is still on it to find the proper drugs or vaccine. Most people say hydrochoroquine is the drug to cure coronavirus: in this case, research is still on it whether hydrochoroquine is the drug or not for covid 19. But remember that too much of the drug (Hydrochoroquine) can cause an untimely death or sudden death. The best way to prevent the coronavirus is through safe guard by: • Maintaining social distance • Quarantine or sanitizing our hands • Avoid unnecessary hand shakes • Ensure drinking of hot water • Ensure eating of Gallic • Ensure eating of ginger • Ensure drinking of alcohol Although most of the infected people under isolated are receiving treatment. Some people who are infected and tested positive are under isolation which after the treatment later return testing negative. People will ask how does these comes true?. Like it was said earlier, research is still going on non-stop at the isolating center, different doctors came with different treatment to treat the infected isolated people. That is why the doctors did not recommend hydrochoroquine as the main drug usage for the deadly virus. Most people who travelled from one places to another are mostly infected from covid 19. They were not aware that they have infected until after they left the country they are, and returned to their destination and heard or feel the symptoms of it, that is when they went to hospital for test and they discovered that they’ve been tested positive. Ever since then, doctors do not allow them to go back home in order not to infect other people so in this case, they have been isolated.

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