Israel Today: Netanyahu Resists Pressure to Lift Virus Restriction

Israel Today: Netanyahu Resists Pressure to Lift Virus Restriction.


Jonathan Bernis, Minister Jewish Voice Ministries International reporting today said, as the coronavirus infection rate appeared to stabilize early this week, many top officials called for easing of restrictions. But Netanyahu resisted the pressure and said he would wait until at least 10 days of full lockdown to reassess the situation.


After record numbers of infections the past few weeks, Israel has seen several days of declining numbers of daily confirmed carriers. Health officials have expressed “cautious optimism” that the curve of infection has begun to flatten.


At the same time, the number of seriously ill from the virus continued to climb, reaching 900 on Sunday night, according to The Times of Israel.


“There are those who already say they have ‘cautious optimism’ that the lockdown is starting to work, to flatten the curve,” Netanyahu said in a video released to social media on Sunday.


“I’m more cautious than cautious. I want to wait at least until 10 days have passed, at least 10 days. That means that decisions on continuing the lockdown after Simchat Torah [which ends October 10] in the evening] will only be made on Thursday,” he said.




This week the coronavirus cabinet met to discuss the first phases of an exit strategy as the Health Ministry reported a lowering infection rate.


It is still unclear when any exit strategy will begin. The Health Ministry, in consultation with the National Security Council and a team of internal and external health experts, presented a tiered plan that contains several steps that could last more than four months.


If at any time the infection rate spikes, the country would wait or revert backward with restrictions.




After taking part in the first clinical trial of an innovative treatment developed by Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem, five patients were recently discharged coronavirus free, according to The Jerusalem Post.


All five patients had been hospitalized in serious or critical condition.


The drug used in the clinical trial, Allocetra, was developed with the Enlivex Company based on research conducted by Professor Dror Mevorach, director of Hadassah’s Internal Medicine and Coronavirus departments, he reports.


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