Virus can be defined as a living things that are too small or tiny to be seen without a microscope that causes infections disease in people, animal and plants. According to the latest update on this, the total number of people that were infected were recorded 553,240 globally. Google donated 800 million dollars to fight against this disease. Coronavirus can be difines as a deadly disease commonly among animals when eaten it raw. In the late 18th century, a disease came into the world which kill over fourteen million people both in Europe, asia, Africa and altermost part of the world. In 19th century, another disease also came into the world which kills millions of people. Now some philosopher predicted that another disease will also spread in 20th century which will kill thousands or millions of people in the world. At first of all most, coronavirus is also known as covid 19 was discovered in china in the year 2019 which later came into reality of killing people in the year 2020. As at when it was discovered, people handled it with a levity hand due to this, it started spreading gradually in china before circulating all over the world through travelling from one country to another. The whole world became fearful of this. People started seeking for a way not to contact this or prevent themselves from it. To be realistic, the virus (covid 19) may not survive in some countries where the sun set increases to 100 degree or over that because the virus does not want heat or any thing hot that is why people were told to make use of anything hot like drinking of hot water and so on…… SYMPTOMS OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID 19) 1. Dry cough: this is a kind of cough that deals with rolling on the floor, ground or even tears rolling out of the eyes. 2. Fever: this fever appears in form of headache e.t.c 3. Tiredness: this makes the immune system feels week and once the immune system cannot fight the disease, it could lead to death. 4. Nostril gland: this is when you discover that your nose is not dry, it kept on bringing out catarrh and sneezing non stop. All this are signs and symptoms of covid 19. Please where ever you feel or experience this in your body or anywhere , go to the nearest hospital in your street. WAYS OF PREVENTING IT. 1. Avoid hand shake 2. Wash your hand regularly or every twenty minutes with water and soap regularly (Quarantine) 3. Use sanitizer 4. Using of face mask There are other various ways of preventing this virus according to the research carried out 1. Dettol: bath with dettol soap disinfectant. It fight coronavirus faster 2. Hypo: this also kills the virus but it is only used for Quarantine which is washing of hand only not for drinking and avoid your hand from your mouth. 3. Alcoholic: The alcoholic drinks gets hot when drinking for those that cannot drink alcohol, you can use it to Quarantine

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