Med-View Airline-The writing is on the wall

The tell-tale signs of the end are ringing alarm bells for another Nigerian airline. Another is soon to be added to the list of defunct airlines that litter the Nigerian aviation history. This impending disaster rests fully on the shoulders of the Med-View Airline’s CEO/MD Alhaji Muneer Bankole.

The blame cannot be passed to anyone else other than the self-centred egotistical CEO/MD Alhaji Muneer Bankole. Why so? The various news reports of late are self-initiated attempts to exonerate himself from any blame of wrong doing in the steering of the airline into technical bankruptcy. At the same time Muneer Bankole is ensuring his own pocket is lined with misdirected cash that should be used to settle staff salaries and debts that he has knowingly and willingly incurred.

The 2018 Annual Report is filled with evidence to prove the report is flawed with textbook accounting malpractice reporting which were intentionally and knowingly overlooked by the auditor in his report.

The accumulation of debt left behind since the suspension of flight operations to the UK and West Africa in early 2018 runs into millions of Pounds, Euros and Dollars whilst in Nigeria it runs into billions of Naira. Staff have not been paid for in excess of one year – this includes the failure to pay pension contributions and PAYE deductions. The staff suffer on a daily basis and periodically go to his office to beg.

This practice which can only constitute purposeful abuse are not recorded in any of the published Annual Reports since the listing of Med-View Airline Plc in the NSE.

The growing list of creditors include but are not limited to the following service providers - HMRC, ASECNA, Eurocontrol, NCAA, FAAN, BASL, Skycare, Cleanserve, Things Remembered, NAHCO, SAHCOL, First Bank of Nigeria and the list goes on.

The sole mismanagement of Med-View Airline Plc rests fully on the shoulders of the CEO/MD who is the sole signatory to the dozen or more bank accounts across all banks in Nigeria, and the single person in the company to give authorisation to the banks to release funds for any payments.

It would be an interesting wait and see how the remaining millions allegedly owed by NAHCOM for the 2019 Hajj movement is managed. Will these funds be used to settle staff salaries and other debts or will they too be used to plump the lining of his own pockets. 

Muneer Bankole continues to run a slave camp – demands on staff with no salary payments knowing full well his staff are suffering to put food on the table and pay school fees to mention only two hardships suffered. For the man who proclaims to be religious and shouts his own accolades – will he reward his people without whom he would fail or will he continue his self-serving quest for wealth at the expense of staff, suppliers and passengers?

Anonymous Whistleblower


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