My story part 1

When I was a kid things was happening normally,, well obviously why not I was just a normal lad who was going to school like normal people's do and each day teacher's punish me why ? Because i wasn't good in studies i never does my homework i always stays frighten by the every teacher no matter what. Yeah ? Can u believe it or maybe you should because every kid is frighten to their teacher as what if they found i didn't complete my homework I was playing on my homework time blah blah,,, but I was a little different from that I mean i was frighten but I take more risks like I started bunking school when I was in 8th and instead going to school I start going to cinemas for watching movies and sometimes in parks and everywhere but not in school. Life was going great nobody's their to find out where am I going ? The teacher's didn't say anything to my family they never ask about me because I wasn't a class hero who's very popular in his class. So my life was going great,, at that time I was feeling satisfied by my life watching movies going to park and many more thing to explore around except going to school and when the exams are about to start I suddenly feel worried what would happen in my paper what would I do. Because I was bunking school I wasn't attending class I didn't know what to study and how do I study. At that moment I forgot about my every happy moment let say my every satisfy moment that life gave me during bunking the school. And I start taken tension you know the anxiety like some kind of a burden I have on my shoulders that I can't restore it and then exams appear and I failed in my exams. Yes I failed in my exams I have nothing but fear of my parents my neighbours, relatives and teachers. And then my class teacher summoned my parents into the school and they told my parents about my weak activities my poor marks everything about me how bad I was in studies. And finally that thing happen which I was fearing most,, the teacher told my parents about my absent in class and my parents was shocked because they knows that I was going to my bus stop. Bus was picking me on the right time then how teacher can say I was absent all the time my parents and teacher was bickering at the moment then suddenly one person came and that is the person who works in my school ram Singh. And he was the guy who once saw me escaping the school from the roof of the building and he told everyone about how I bunk my school my parents shook their heads they were in a great shock that their son can do this much they said sorry to teacher's and bring me home and after that something bad and good happens.

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