Powers of Knowledge

We stumble in places where we lack knowledge we struggle in areas in which we lack the knowledge the most, lack of knowledge equals darkness, when there is no light there's stumbling, and in stumbling, there's no progress as we can't have motion without light.

It's in the darkness that we fear the most, it's in areas of our darkness that we are without any activity and lack productivity as in darkness we don't seek to live but only to survive.

When an examination in a classroom is presented to us we mostly get correct in questions which we have information and knowledge about, we become frustrated and fail in areas where we are without knowledge(lack answers and understanding)

we can only answer questions that we have an understanding of and the knowledge that is equivalent to the questions that are posed to us.

One can enjoy, flourish, and excel in an examination while the other person struggles, frustrated and fail at the same examination depending on their knowledge and understanding of what is being asked and how to apply the information at their disposal.

I've realized we can only excel, enjoy and progress above all have success in what we know and understand. The pursuit of life should be to get knowledge and understanding to apply to the vastness of the question (struggles and problems ) that face our society and nations.

Life can be a fulfillment and joy to all of us if we understand the laws and principles that govern it.

( imagine watching soccer you don't understand the game, players, rules, and regulations as much as it's an entertaining sport but without basic knowledge, it will be the most devastating and miserable time for a person without any insight into the sport)

yet for another person for example me ( knowledge of rules, regulations, players, tactics, and all other things even if it is not all things; it will be the most important, enjoyable, fulfilling, and exciting experience, I will even share in it)

We have fear and resistance to what is foreign to us. learning is vital for participation and engagement which will lead to fulfillment and enjoyment. We must pursue knowledge( products, cultures, persons, environments, relationships, and God himself) we struggle the most in areas in which we lack knowledge.

my people perish because of the lack of knowledge Hosea 4:8.

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