Africans-Prayer will not Eradicate CoronaVirus

Apostle Suleman recently tweeted a prayer against Corona Virus on His Twitter handle, Pastor David did as well. Father Mbaka and other Men of God are also on prayers against Corona Virus. (

It is true that prayer is the key, it's also true that prayer without work is void, while we pray there are also some certain things we need to do to protect ourselves from this diseases as Heaven help those that helps themselves.

We should focus on the things to do protect ourselves while we wait for the cure of the disease.

Some of the things we can do to protect ourselves from contacting the diseases are:

1. Avoiding crowd

2. After hand shake, wash your hands thoroughly you never can tell who is the carrier of the disease.

3. Always cook your food very well, boil water before drinking as research reveals that the virus dies off under high temperature.

4. Alcohol kills it as well, if you can afford it, try use it in washing, laundry etc.

May God help us in Jesus name! Amen.

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