President Trump Spoke About His Covid-19 State: Video Coverage

President Trump Spoke About His Covid-19 State: Video Coverage.


President Donald Trump by his own words speaking from White House said he just left the medical center where he was being treated for coronavirus. He was happy to reveal that while in the medical center, he learned a lot about coronavirus.


He further assured Americans and the rest of the world that he is better and feels very strong more than he did 20 years ago. He wondered if he was immune to the virus that he could feel that better already. He said he could have left the medical center two days ago to be about his work in order to show a good example to the rest of the American people because of how strong he felt, however, he couldn't and have to do that today.


In addition, President Donald Trump urged the American people and the rest of the world not to be afraid of coronavirus, and not to allow it to hold them down. He boasts about the American medicines, practitioners, and equipment as the best. Therefore, he said, Americans should go about their daily business without fear, rather with carefulness.


He said with the vaccines and other medical materials that are produced daily, and together, coronavirus will be defeated. Watch his speech here 


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu 

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