Rampant Corruption in Nigerian Customs: The Saga of Dysfunctional Scanners and Bribery at Longfont customs office and Lagos Airport

The video, recorded at the new terminal in the departure hall of the airport, shows the officer making an inappropriate request for N5,000 in exchange for expedited customs processing is reflective of broader issues of corruption within the NCS, particularly highlighted by the situation at the Apapa  Longfont customs office. 

The situation at Apapa Port's Longfont customs office is dire due to a malfunctioning scanner, leading to manual inspections and rampant corruption. Customs officials have capitalized on this to manipulate goods evaluations and demand bribes. Despite the implementation of a price verification system to combat these issues, it has been ineffective. Importers face systemic extortion, exemplified by an incident where officials disregarded legitimate invoices from  suppliers and demanded bribes instead. This pervasive corruption leaves importers with no effective avenue for complaint or recourse, feeling powerless against the unchecked practices of customs officials. The situation highlights a desperate need for authoritative intervention and reform.

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