Stress Management tips


  2. First step is change your daily life routine. As some times same routine can cause you stress alot.  
  3. Do some thing unusual work that you never do before like if you never play football try play that. Do some thing positive unusual. 
  4. Help any poor needy one day in a week .Means in a whole week you have to schedule your time in such a way that you help some person who is poor or needy like for example gave food to people on roads.feel think about that tell your self you did fantastic job .
  5. Spend some time alone with your self ask your self whether your happy or not about what you are doing in your life etc ask these questions and try to find answers or solve probelms if any.
  6. Do meditations it is really good to do meditation or youga or riki or waspasana etc.­­
  7. wake up early in the mornings. No matter what happen how you feel just make a routines and wakw up ealry .when you awake early you feel good and less stress as you have plenty of time to fulfill your work.
  8. Try help others .A act of kidness is some thing you should think to do daily or try to do it helps you to heal other and by doing this you too feel active and energetic. 
  9. Spend some time with elders in your family like your parents grand parents etc .by doing this sitting with them help you to grow and get informative things and most important they feel good and you too feel good in their company as well.
  10. Try to spend some time with kids as well as kids are important part of our life .some times its good to sit and talk play with kids as it make u feel good and energetic .As we all know one kid is inside us as we know this feel good as well.
  11. Write daily routine before you go to sleep.daily write all things that you face all day feel .by writing these you your mind become free from all things that was inside your mind now they come on the papers .you can tear those papers later on when you want to .The main aim of doing this is to empty your mind before you sleep. 
  12. Always write positive and think positive even whatever happens in your life .positivity atttacts positive people and situations.
  13. Think about how your mind works as we all know what we think thats how our life is .So think positive and try to act positive as well.
  14. Try to keep your self busy as much as you can as being busy reduces your stress.
  15. Try go out some time of ur day and walk as much as u can .Don't sit or lay most of the day as its not good for your health.
  16. Make friend's and try to b social. Good for you and your helath. 
  17. Drink alot of water for that keep driking water from a bottle by this way you can check how much youd drink daily.
  18. Spend some part of your time in reading books or any articles. Reading is most important and must as well. As it helps you to grow your mind and thinking. So read self help books like brain Tracy book change your thinking change your life etc you can read .
  19. Try speak truth as it helps you stay in peace within stress. 
  20. Love and share love peace feelings with all.
  21. Care and respect. No matter what others behave think do stay positive and keep going.

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