Switzerland to destroy millions of mRNA vaccine doses in 2023, as nobody in the developing world wants the surplus

One of the largest mRNA vaccination consumers globally in terms of population is Switzerland, which has less than 9 million residents.They have already been provided with a whopping 33 million doses of the Covid vaccination.

The little nation now has 13.5 million doses on hand, is anxiously expecting the arrival of an additional 2 million over the next few weeks, and is doubtless regretting the fact that 11.6 million more are expected to arrive by the end of 2023. The Swiss Confederation will burn the great majority of these after many months of storage in freezers. The majority of the more than eleven million pills were discarded by the nation last year after an agreement to sell more snake oil to the third world via the disastrous Covax program failed since no one in Africa wanted it either.

Despite the fact that mass vaccination may still be supported by the majority of the population and be politically acceptable, preferences surveys demonstrate that this is not the case globally. Pharmaceutical executives may croon their dubious anthems about the miraculous safety and effectiveness of their shots, but the silent global rejection of their junk is a stinging rebuttal, indicating that billions of people throughout the globe have unspoken doubts about the efficacy of the mRNA Covid vaccinations.

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