Tech millionaire, Steve Kirsch, offers a $1M reward for a CDC or FDA whistleblower to come forward.

Tech millionaire, Steve Kirsch, offers a $1M reward for a CDC or FDA whistleblower to come forward.

A Tech millionaire, Steve Kirsch, who believed the Covid-19 vaccines were unsafe,offers a $1M reward for a CDC(US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or FDA (US Food and Drug Administration Agency) whistle-blower to come forward. Steve Kirsch is baffled that as far as January 2021, the available data showed that the vaccines were unsafe, and yet nobody at the CDC or FDA noticed it or made any attempt to halt to use of the vaccines.

According to Steve Kirsch 

It’s simply impossible not to see the safety signals if they aren’t corrupt or incompetent.

Since everyone in authority says these organizations are competent, then there is only one alternative left: they are corrupt.

I am willing to pay up to $1M for information that I can give to the DOJ and state attorney generals to bring criminal charges against these people.

You don’t have to reveal your identity. All you need to do is supply information that we can authenticate that shows the corruption for how all the safety signals were ignored. You can keep your job at the CDC or FDA. Nobody has to know.

You can contact me at and put WHISTLEBLOWER in caps in the subject line of your message and put in the body what evidence you have, why the evidence is credible, and we can go from there.

Armed with this information, we’ll also see whether any members of Congress call for an investigation. This will allow us to identify corrupt members of Congress.

Note to members of DHS: By seeking this information, I am not a “domestic terrorist” since my goal is to expose corruption to restore faith in government institutions.



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