The Lagos dream Episode 4

 I’ve been in Lagos for a year and a month now but I’m still not close to fulfilling the dreams I had. Someone is to blame.

I know that someone is me and not the pandemic or the end SARS protests and all other things that seemed to pause the world unexpectedly. I haven’t started the dream yet because of this tough year called 2020 and now that I’m close to no results I can only blame myself.

It’s another Christmas again and I don’t feel any accomplishment. Instead I feel worse, alot of people are I know and cherish are trying to push me in different directions because I don't have much to show. My parents want me to try for a scholarship abroad, my siblings want me to start an online store and so many others want me to do this and that.


I told a close friend of mine about my dilemma and she told me people will always want to help you in their own way when they cannot see your capabilities or dreams. They can’t see my unfulfilled dreams which are still wallowing and swimming in my head. My dream to be a writer, idea strategist and copywriter. I wanted to be devoted to my writing craft and not this job as a cashier and secretary in a boutique. I admit I have always wanted to run away but each time I did, I came back to the job. I wanted to find a dream company where I can use and refine my skills. As a fresh graduate that graduated in 2018, I really hope, pray and wish that 2021 will be it.

I want to live the Lagos dream.

I still have a lot of things left unaccomplished here in Lagos.

  • I haven’t been to the beach yet.
  • I haven’t been to any social events due to the COVID pandemic
  • I haven’t got any sweet experiences associated with staying in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria.

But I’ve learnt a lesson. When you make a plan follow it up with action. I confess I haven’t been active like I should have been. If I was, I would have had a good story to tell not excuses.

Right now, it is quite easy for me to lose my way, someone told me that the age of 23 is the year one feels the most dejected and unaccomplished. No one will question or judge me for all the life choices I make but years down the line I would be held accountable for those choices. I think she is right. I’m having so much free time that I feel the need to work.

Currently I’m just a fresh graduate and a job seeker. I think the mindset of people like us is to never be satisfied with what we have. If we get a job today, we would want a better one tomorrow. 

Now I just started a vlog that I can’t even find ample time to post regularly. I want to find success so bad so as not to look like a failure. I want to prove I was right all along. I’m still making a lot of decisions and choices, I’m doing everything to find the one thing I can do for a very long time.

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