The Predictions of the Great Pandemic: It's Effect on the World

If you are a good fan of hollywood, you would clearly relate the pandemic we are experiencing now to some of the movies they have produced in the past.

Though hollywood didn't mean any of the viruses to come into existence, we can refer to Hollywood's action as a Uncontious Prediction. Hollywood never knew such will happen. It has always been movies we watch on screen. Now it's happening, here is the big question. WHAT WILL THE WORLD DO?

Here are the names of some of the movies in which hollywood has predicted the great pandemic.

1. The walking dead

2. Fear the walking dead

3. The maze runner  and many more.

To my greatest surprise, the zombie movies were never concluded, no cures were ever found, here is the bombshell, the surviving ones turn to scavangers to survive the harsh time.

Is corona virus going to get to such stage? Will we be left with few people on earth to survive? Hmmmm. What will human race do to overcome this?

The agony of losing our loved ones is something serious, no one wants to die. I am afraid as I am. I don't want to contract this virus, I don't want people close to me to contract this virus. What will be the solution to this problem?

Hope the world will not crumble under the feet of this disease? Should human race start to prepare for the great beyond?

Scientist are trying their best in the laboratories, still yet we have not gotten close to the solution.

Try to sit tight, follow all instructions for safety. 

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