The Role of Philosophy to my Life in this COVID Time

"Being towards death," is the theme of existentialism, my last subject for this semester. This thematic reflection asked me two important questions: what was I before my birth and what will I be after my death? There are philosophical inquiries that made me aware of the irrevocable nature of life, once lost, will not be returned and replaced. Because of the pandemic time even before it, death is a common reality which people fear or they scape to as possible while trying to survive in spite of the massive intensity of the COVID crisis affecting the world today. This reflection made me eager to value the pursuit for inquiries about my self, others and the world acknowledging the role of philosophy amidst the pervading pandemic reality. 

Due to the emergence of positive sciences, people became empirical and concrete observant of the actual situation as they disregard possibilities that made most fell in despair. For instance, the new discoveries this time impede us to stop asking questions because they are already given. Technology comforts us at some point that we become idle and complacent with what is given. Some people become practical that they forget that things around contain value leading to their relevance. Making themselves more exotic, the people of Wuhan were the cause of this pandemic. By this I came to understand the role of speculation to my life that I should not limit myself only on what simply appears but what is also in it. As I live, I have plenty of interest, goal or purpose while I deal with things around. Science comes to be a temptation making me pragmatic treating me to look at things on their own use. However, to wonder behind realities would be a useless matter. Philosophy inspires me to continue asking more questions like Socrates intellectualizing in the pit of hemlock death. 

This time, I am more conscious and aware of the death of million people in the world. Life is really fragile that I need to take care of it. this sounds that in the universe especially in earth, everything has limits to the point that things are really uncertain. This time, I was shock that some immediately die. Their deaths have impacts as I continue to live my life. This reflection drives to use my freedom well realizing what I ought to do.

 Recognizing wisdom illuminating my life in this COVID time, I see that this epoch makes me notice death impelling me to look beyond something determinable that makes me compare my body and soul to be the dichotomy of my being. In the midst of panic, dying people, virus killing innocent and all incidents, my human nature drives me to ask more. These questions motivate me to appreciate that in the middle of these dilemmas and uncertainties of life, truth continues to give hints for us to see that pathways of freedom. This pandemic time does not yet end so people still struggle and bear the irregularities of life.

 I want to share a lot of things but life really has limits. Philosophy does not really explain but it gives me the way to understand how I should make means to constitute my life this worst period of 2020.


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