The True Secret Behind the Manufacturing and Spreading of COVID-19



Coronavirus was intentionally released for the world by CCP. A Chinese Scientist Mr. Miles Guo, had taken the bold step to expose, or better still, accuse a group in China called,  “The Chinese Communist Party” (CCP) who manufactured and spread in China the coronavirus. The content of his later is presented below.


“I take full responsibility to state that, the real culprit of the so-called coronavirus in Wuhan is a group of kleptocracy in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) headed by Wang Qishan (Chinese VP), Meng Lanzhou. Sun Lijun, Jiang Zemin (Former President), and Yang IIechi. They plotted the Coronavirus Project and the chief operator is GUO OEYIN (right) who has been a bio-scientist of Wuhan University. He led the project to manufacture and release the virus.


The coronavirus project is The Pandora’s Box called by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in his speech last year and is also part of the Pandora’s Box that we are going to reveal through our Revolution of Expose. In three weeks, on around February 29th, 2020, you will see the real seriousness of the outbreak. I hope people around the world can collect wisdom to stop the spread of this Pandora’s box. Completely destroy the CCP-devil incarnation, and stop the killing of more good people with the virus in the United States and around the wa^".


Everything is just beginning!”


So people can be this heartless, for the sake of political power and gain, most people don’t care how many lives will be lost. If this accusation is true, then this is barbaric, inhuman and demonic. Now, we can see how coronavirus, COVID-19 has terrorized the globe. Many have died over this virus, many more have been infected. And it is hitting very hard on the global economy, displacing people and homes and causing big confusion and setbacks to the governance of various states and its governmental leadership.


It is my opinion that this claim should be seriously investigated, and if confirmed as true, the perpetrators should be called to book. This is because they did not just inflect the Chinese government with lethal and heinous pain and damage, as a result of a heart quest for the greed of political power and dominance, but they have as well inflected the entire globe with this hard to heal and hard to recover virus. This is global wickedness of the highest order, and therefore, should not be handled nonchalantly.


God help the world of men.

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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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