SHOCKING-‘This is how Black people get killed’ by Covid-19

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This is a curated article that  probably highlight  the reason  why so many black people are dying from Covid-19 in the US. Please read it and share this article far and wide if you can .  Dr Moore ,a physician herself died days after been hospitalised  for Covid-19.  She documented  the poor care she received in the hopital and  posted an emotional video  before she died . According to her

“I was in so much pain from my neck. My neck hurt so bad. I was crushed. He made me feel like I was a drug addict, and he knew I was a physician. I don’t take narcotics. I was hurting,” the 52-year-old said from her hospital bed, as she fought to hold back tears.

“If I was white, I wouldn’t have to go through that. That man never came back and apologised,” she added.

Dr Moore shared the video on Facebook on 4 December,  five days after she was admitted to Carmel hospital in Indiana. She continued to post updates throughout her stay.

She was sent home as her condition improved, but quickly deteriorated and was readmitted soon after to a different hospital when her temperature spiked again.

“Those people were trying to kill me,” she wrote after having to return to hospital. “Clearly everyone has to agree they discharge me way too soon.”

Dr Moore died from the complications caused by the coronavirus on Sunday, a little over two weeks after the video was posted.

Her story has prompted anger from healthcare professionals and shone a light on racial inequalities in the US healthcare system in the midst of a pandemic which has disproportionately impacted people of colour.


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