Top 10 Business Opportunities in Africa that can make you Rich and become a Millionaire


In his maiden tour of Africa as the President of the United States, Barrack Obama asserted that the African business environment is the best for anyone who wants to become a millionaire.

There are more than enough business opportunities in Africa that could make you a millionaire within a very short time. The potential in most African states has not been utilized allowing you to become a millionaire. Whether you are a local or a foreigner, you stand a great chance to become a millionaire if you attempt the following business opportunities in Africa:

1.      Farming

The agricultural sector is among the leading in offering great business opportunities in Africa. Whilst there are many farmers in Africa, most of them have not commercialized their farming practices, leaving a huge space for large-scale farming.

Statistics show that Africa spends more than $30 billion on food imports. This means that you can make a lot of money if you tap into this business.

2.      Waste management

It is now that most African countries are grappling with the challenge of organizing waste management systems. It offers a great opportunity for investors who can bring creative ideas on waste management.

3.      Affordable housing

The real estate industry in Africa has great business openings, more especially if you are planning to invest in affordable housing. The return on investment in this business opportunity is great and certain.

Provided that you build affordable houses in urban areas, you are sure that they will be sold very fast.

4.      Drones

Drones are getting their way into Africa, and the excitement amongst users in the continent reveals the extent to which you can make a lot of money if you invest in them. You don’t even need to invest in drones for military use but just commercial drones for entertainment and commerce.

5.      Automobile

Can you be an automobile dealer? If you can, then Africa is the best place to venture in this business as more and more Africans realise the need to own cars as they move to urban centres.

6.      Startup funding

You can invest in great ideas in Africa if you do not have the skills to engage in business yourself. There are many talented and skilled Africans in different sectors who have the knowledge of how to operate successful business ventures but they lack capital.

You can partner with such individuals and fund their startup ventures. So long as you monitor the business well, you can be sure of millions within a short time.

7.      Education

If you have enough money to open a school in Africa, you should do so for the returns are great. Most middle-class Africans are turning away from government schools opting for private options.

This has created an amazing business opportunity in the education sector. If you want to make more money, you should offer a foreign curriculum such as the British National Curriculum.

8.      Healthcare services

Another great business opportunity in Africa is in the healthcare industry. Opening a general or specialised hospital is a guarantee of making millions. Most African governments have not been able to ensure access to healthcare, thus, creating an opportunity for the private sector to thrive in this industry.

9.      Online stores

Online shopping is one of the latest trends that is sweeping the African retail market. If you open a reliable online store, you can be sure to get a lot of money. Furthermore, the costs of operations are very low.

10.  Local products for export

There is a great demand for local African products abroad. You can tap into this opportunity by offering to export African products abroad. You only need to research the markets and get in touch with local suppliers.

With these numerous business opportunities in Africa, the continent remains one of the most hopeful for business in the world. Decide to invest in Africa and walk your way into the untapped millions.

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