Top 10 Ways to boost your sexual energy

Top 10 Ways to boost your sexual energy

Introduction. In most relationship sex is the most important gift that partners can give each other. As a party in the relationship it is very important to have a lot of energy when having sexual intercourse so that your partner may enjoy. Lack of sexual energy has led to many relationships and marriages to fall. In boosting sexual energy both male and female partners involve must fully participate so that the practice may be a success. The following are 10 ways that one can boost their sexual energy (libido) 1. Controlling your stress. Having high levels of stress when wanting to have sex usually declines the libido for both partners. Any person who wants to enjoy sex should be stress free from anything and only think about his/her mate. Stress and anxiety can make male partners not to erect during sex this may be very embracing for any guy and the partner may think less of him. For ladies stress may make them have low energy because their mind will be thinking about other things. For a lady to be well aroused she must give in to her partner without any disturbance in the mind. There is a connection between stress, anxiety, and sleep when it comes to sex. One should be stress and anxiety free and have enough sleep. When these three things are achieved your sexual urge and energy will rise and you will enjoy every second you are having sex with your partner.

2. Be king or queen of foreplay. Having time to prepare and play with your partners’ body is a key to sexual energy. Foreplay can be managed through kissing, caressing each other, using toys, and also performing oral sex towards each other. Men are always aroused faster but as a partner you should make sure that you have touch him well enough so that his body is ready and energized to have sex. Ladies take time to get aroused and it is therefore the duty of the other partner to make sure that her body is well prepared without any hurry. She must be wet enough so that she may enjoy the experience and maintain the energy to the last point.

3. Practice role playing. Most sexual partners ignores role playing towards each other but this actually boost sexual energy. Being dress and act as your partners’ favorite star not only attracts you to them but also boost libido. A lady role playing like a ‘dirty doctor’ and a man acting as a ‘patient’ will help partners get in the sexual mood. With this they will be able to ‘treat’ and being ‘treated’ the way they feel comfortable. They will enjoy their roles and they will prove that they are the best in those roles. The role playing is mostly sexual boosting tip for young people because they like to explore more and learn new things.

4. Keep on improving your relationship status. The thing that kills sexual energy is having a relationship and doing nothing about it. In most cases at the beginning of a relationship sexual energy is at the peak, but as time pass by the energy keep on decreasing. This is mainly because most partners have get used to each other. For you as a partner to retain or regain that first energy it is important to always take time to improve the quality of your relationship. This can be achieved by doing things together, igniting the romance candle by taking each other to date night, and having a romantic night far from your house. Respect between you partners will also help in putting things into perspective. It is therefore important to create time for you to talk and also ask each other for forgiveness if you have wronged one another.

5. Having a good diet Food is important. It is our source of energy. Having a good diet will always increase your libido. One should have a balance diet so that he or she may gain enough energy for sexual act. A good nutritious diet will ensure that your blood circulation is okay making it possible for men to erect faster since blood tissues are what makes men’s penis to erect. For ladies good nutrition will ensures that their hormones are not affected by polycystic ovarian syndrome since if so happen their libido will lower. Having a good diet which has low sugar, rich in proteins and vitamin will help to ensure that your sexual appetite is on top.

6. Exercising regularly. Exercise is important to keep our body fit. It also help to keep a good circulation of blood in the body. If one does not exercise the body will store stagnant energy that is going to lower your morale of sex. To boost this energy it is important to always exercising for at least twenty minutes a day. Men who exercise always have a good blood flow in their body, their physical appearance is perfect, and have energy needed for sex. This is because a man will always have confidence in his looks and he will not be ashamed to undress in front of a lady. Most men with good physical structures energizes women libido and create desire for them to indulge in sexual activity with him Ladies who exercise are flexible in bed and this increases men’s libido. Exercise also ensures that there is good flow of blood in female genitals which leads to high urge of women wanting sex. This also increases their orgasm during sex which motivates them more to indulge in sexual intercourse.

7. Getting enough sleep. Sleep is most important thing to any person. To be sexually energized one must have a good sleep. Studies have shown that women who have had enough sleep wakes up with a lot of sexual desire. Sleeps helps one to have a good rest and also his/her mind to relax. Sleeping for seven hours will be a great aspect for you if you want to have energy to indulge in sexual activities. For me it is natural that if they sleep they will wake up already erected. This is a proof that sleep increases the libido for any person. It is therefore important to enjoy sleep then you enjoy sex more.

8. Avoid smoking. For one to have sex energy and drive it is important for him or her to quit smoking. Sex requires a lot of energy and it would be great if a person is healthy. A smoking person is likely to have a bad smell from the mouth and most partners may tend not to be aroused by their kisses. It is also important to know that one must have a healthy heart so that the sex energy can be achieved. This is because during sexual intercourse our heartbeats tend to increase due to the amount of energy both partners are creating, therefore most people who smoke may have heart disease and if they know they may never have sexual energy.

9. Visit a therapist. Most people are usually afraid of visiting therapists or gynecologist which is not a good thing. If you have a low libido it is important to find an expert and explain to him or her about your scenario. They are going to give you guidance and counselling on what to do so that you may increase your sexual energy. They may also suggest for you medications that may help you if you have a problem in these are. Studies have shown that people who seek guidance on sexual matter end up gaining a lot of experience since mostly their issues are motivated by negative attitudes or discouragement during sex.

10. Know your partners body. Libido in most cases will be attained if you know your partners body very well. This means that you must know the spots that turn on your partner, be it touching him or her around the neck, caressing each other at specific places or how much time does each of you like in foreplay. In most cases men’s body tend to arouse faster so as a man you should understand that you need more time to play with a woman’s body so that she may become wet and gain the energy to enjoy sex. If the body of a woman is not ready she will actually loose interest in having sex.

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