Top 5 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures In The Universe

Sea is a home for many aquatic creatures. All of them depend on their fellows for life and survival. Some are dangerous and very harmful with some being poisonous and others being harmful in other ways.

Among the harmful ones are:

1. Lionfish

They are mostly found in Atlantic ocean and do not have specific predators. They feed on the small fish on the reefs. Their color is a unique color that makes their preys to notice them from a far.

They are adorned in dark maroon,. brown and white stripes. They mostly drift on water by gently waving their find. These good-looking fish are armed with poisonous spikes which they use to invade tropical waters around the universe. They are mostly found in Australia, Japan and south Korea.

2. White shark.

They are type of fish which are thought to have evolved about 16million years ago from megalodon shark.

They are considered as the largest predatory fish in the aquatic environment. They are at a position of eating other aquatic animals which weigh 100 kilograms.

The waters around these fish exploded as five meter long great white shark latched onto her right limb.

Despite of these sharks being dangerous to humans, they are still being hunted by many humans and their numbers are decreasing everyday.

3.The puffer fish

It is also called a swellfish as it swells when disturbed or when it feels it's life is threatened. It has a highly toxic chemical substance known as tetrodotoxin. This chemical substance affects the brain of the victims and also causes weakness which leads to it's death.

These species of fish are extremely tough by a physical appearance. Due to their spiky skin they are horrible.

4. The Moray Eel

It is one of the most dangerous aquatic animal in the world. When attacked, it shows itself and comes to attack humans.

Their jaws are equipped with elegay, sharp teeth thus enabling them to seize and hold their prey and cause serious harm on them.

They are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions where water is not very deep. Their habitat and hinding place is the rocks and reefs.

5. The Box Jellyfish

It's one of the most dangerous fish in the sea and it's considered as one of the most poisonous fish. It's poison kills the victim just few minutes after the attack. 

It's also more dangerous as the mark it leaves after the stinging effect of its spikes are longer lasting. The Jellyfish uses its venom to attack it's cardic activity which causes the victim to experience a low heartbeat rate, excruciating pain and then death follows.

Therefore, it's good to be paranoid when in aquatic environment. These are some of the dangerous sea animals. They are many and humans need to be precautioned against them



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