Top Private Schools in Kano State

Top Private Schools in Kano State

Kano is a state with some of the best private schools that compete well at the national and international levels. If you want quality education for your child in Kano State, you must choose from amongst the best schools in the region.

Private schools are better than public schools in this state. This is in comparison to the quality of education, looking at factors such as facilities, teaching staff, and curriculum offered.

We will look at the best options you have in Kano State.

The best private schools in Kano State

1.      Crescent International School

This is arguably the top private school in Kano State. The school is an international one, adhering to the strict quality set by the Association of International Schools in Africa. The school follows the international curriculum with the IGCSE as its core curriculum.

There are many clubs and sporting activities for students to engage in while in school. The approach of teaching is exploratory where learners are encouraged to explore their talents and supplement with the core subjects.

The school does not share its school fees with the public, though it is believed to be one of the most expensive schools in Kano. The school fee range is more than 1.5 million per year in the early years of primary.

2.      Lufaloy Schools

This is a group of schools that specializes in basic education. The school allows admission in the pre-nursery to the primary. Children of this age are exposed to a dynamic way of learning that is both fun and informative.

The school puts much focus on building the foundation of the children in a holistic manner. It also embraces the use of IT from the early years of a child’s development to enable the children to fit well in the global society.

3.      Intercontinental Schools, Kano

This is a leading private school in Kano that provides quality education in the elementary stages of education. The school also observes the international code of ethics that makes it an international school. Whilst the majority of the students are locals, there is a great diversity of race and culture in the school, making it a perfect school for a child to explore different cultures.  

The school fees payable to the school is not shared by the school but it is estimated to be around 1 million Naira per year. However, this is just an estimate; you need to make a formal inquiry to get the full details of the school.

4.      Bradford College

Bradford College is an excellent school that provides an internationally-accredited standard of education. As a private school, students in this school enjoy personalized teaching methodologies that encourage holistic learning. The teacher to student ratio is also good.

The school fee is not displayed by the school, though it is somewhat more expensive than public schools in the region.

5.      Future Leaders International School

Just as its name suggests, Future Leaders International School works to prepare learners for future responsibilities as leaders in society. The school is well organized and provides a good learning environment for learners to explore their full potential.

In as much as the school fee is not displayed, it is believed to be in the range of 1 million Naira per year per student.


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