What are 3 things humans hate but should not?

When someone asks you what you hate the most? There might be many things you want to count. But on that big list, there are some common things that can be found on everyone’s list.

Hating things are not in our hands. They are causes of some experiences, incidents, and mental situations. As we gown up this list just goes longer and longer.

We become irritated with little things and just a small incident is enough to change the whole mood. But do these all things really deserve to be hated?

Can’t there be some benefits to them?

Hate never benefits anyone it just Causes traumas and stress. So instead of ignoring these facts and getting your blood pressure high why not try to look at the profits these hateable things can give.

Let’s talk about those three major hateable things of our life that actually deserve our much attention.

1. Changes

Do you get frustrated whenever there is a big change coming in life? This can be – new environment, leaving a place or person, rearranging daily routine, or replacing a habit. Then let me tell you that it is just a waste. One and only consent thing in life is change. They are mandatory and they should be.

Think if there are no changes in the world, things are going as it is now and it will always be. Everything stops as where they are and are just moving here and there instead of going further. There will be no technological innovations, no new discoveries, no explorations of new things, the world will stop working at this rate.

Now you might be thinking about what that has to do with you as an individual?

Because every change you see around does not pop just out of the blue, there are years of little changes happening that turn into a big change one day.

Every living being on this planet or in the universe somehow contributes to it. Even the mistakes and losses you are realizing in the present are not the fruit of your present ignorance. The root is always past.

Thus it is not easy to ignore changes in life, instead, we should embrace them.

Changes are the sign of progress and development with consistency. So try to experience these variables and enjoy them. Enjoy and observe the journey of change. If you want a better life then aim for better changes.

2. Problems

“Oh, what is this you just wrote miss writer? Does that make sense, how should we not hate our problems? Are you mad?”

Are you having these thoughts on this point? Then wait…

If you think your problems are the real problems then I will give you some time to rethink… No, your problems are never the problems, if you think so then you are missing many big opportunities and learnings in life.

Yes, it is not easy to embrace them, nor it's important to start living with them. Problems are the most unavoidable things because they will come until you are alive. But why problems come? To understand it first know what are problems?

Is your boss a problem who gives you difficult tasks are that difficult task a problem is your inability to do this task a problem or is your misconception of only working easy tasks is a problem?

That is all up to you! Every problem has many sights to see, so it is your duty to get the actual fact. Don’t believe in the point which is telling you to treat it as a problem but focus on the one that tells you to think it as an opportunity.

Yes, every problem is an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to go beyond your limits in solving that. So whenever you think it as a problem focus on how to solve it not how to react to it.

And remember you don’t always need to solve all of them; some find their solutions themselves with the time.

3. Fears More than hate they are the reasons to afraid and make us unable to do a certain thing. But is that all true about fears?

Yes it's true we can’t easily get along with our fears (then they won’t be fears anymore) but we have better ways to deal with them.

We hate our fears because they give us bad memories, bad experiences, and hinder us to do something we have to. Truth is that bad things live longer in our heart, so those nightmares keep us to hate our fears and situations related to them.

But there is a better solution for your fears if you are just ignoring and cursing them – face them. Yes, this is the only and best way to get out of them. Gradually, with small steps, with stepping back or by asking for help just face it.

Now the point is why we should not hate them and how not to be stressed over them?

First of all, you need to understand that there is none in this world who is not afraid of anything. If someone believes, they are not afraid of anything it’s mostly a lie and doesn’t make them fearless.

You are fearless when you are a winner and to be a winner you have to fight.

By going through your traumas and facing those situations one day you will realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. More than anything it’s just a matter of time. Time and effort will be your weapons. So how can you get easy with fears?

Actually, it’s boring to live without fear.

Yes, let’s imagine a situation - there is nothing that can harm you and you have nothing to challenge. Challenges fill excitement, and life that doesn’t have excitement is not even a life.

Thus instead of hating and ignoring figure out your fears and find ways how you can overcome them cause they are the actual cause you have excitement in life. Hate is a waste of time whether it’s for a thing or for a person. Stop hating uncontrollable things and find ways to be bigger than them.

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