Where do you see yourself in next 10 years

Where you see yourself in next 10 years ? 

So what should a person do to reach his desirable destiny ?


In today's world everybody dreams big , and why not because everyone wants a successful life luxury car dream house dream job and dream girl. 


But the question is dreaming those thing is easy but what should a person do in order to achieve those things.


  • Hard work


Hard work means a great deal of effort and endurance, everybody wants a good life but nobody wants to pay a sacrifice . 


The sacrifice of your time that you waste on those things those activities which doesn't pay you back but waste your time, and what's funny is you also knows it. 


  • The drive


The drive means the motivation of doing a good work and the inspiration of the entire reason you work hard.


This is the engine that pushes you forward and gives you enthusiasm of doing your job. 


  • The plan


If the drive is the heart of your hard work, then the plan is the skeleton. The plan is the master key of your goal.


because if you want to reach your goal your goal then you must jotted down the unique plan. 


  • The Grind


The Grind is the factor when working tough stops being enjoyable and interesting and begins turning into tedious, annoying and possibly even discouraging.


How you manage the grind is regularly what separates the winners from the quitters.


  • The sacrifice




This is the crux of challenging work, and the one component that makes difficult work honestly hard. Any bold aim requires good sized private sacrifice.


Enduring the pressure in your relationships, price range and remedy degree is the actual take a look at. 


  • The payoff


This is the brass ring. In order for difficult work to be worthwhile, you have to outline a range of desires and milestones and apprehend when you’ve executed them.


And as soon as you do, you have to up the ante and hold going. 


  • Read books


If you want to get motivation, inspiration then you must read self developing books. 


Yes their are alott of books which can help you to figure out weather you have a particular goal or you are confused what to do what not to do the books can make you figure it out. 


  • Find your objective




The only thing you have to do is to ask yourself in which field you are good at.


Everyone is good at something, the question is what's your specialization so find out what's your objective then work on it give it some time and wait for progress. 


  •  Smart work


Their is difference between smart work and hard work, Smart work includes efficient planning with less effort. 


Smart work is applying mental effort to reduce the time on completion of a work. 


Hard work includes physical efforts with less planning, hard work is doing a particular work by physically, this theory has Been said by Raghavendra. 


So these are some valuable steps you should follow if you want a good taste of your life 

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