Who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline?

Although the circumstances surrounding the calculated sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines remain hazy and unknown even days after the announcement of the explosions, the US poiticians and western media are confident of one thing: The Kremlin did it!

One can't help but question whether they've given any thought to the kind of organisation that would choose to eliminate one of its primary sources of income. Also considering that, according to Gazprom's declarations, the company spent more than 23 billion euros on constructing the infrastructure.

 So the question is, who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline? Perhaps the most crucial question is why Russia would knowingly destroy a gas pipeline in which it had invested billions of dollars to construct over several years and was a valuable source of income. According to some estimates, the natural gas that was still stored therein alone was worth up to €800 million.In response, several news organisations have written in-depth stories that speculate the reasons why the Kremlin would blow its pipeline up.   

However, there has not been a single examination into why Russia would not do so, even though many of these reasons exist. There has also been no investigation of the many players who have far more apparent reasons, much more to gain by doing so, and the wherewithal to accomplish such a plot.

According to Putin  the "Anglo-Saxons" blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.


The end result is that Europe's economic motivation to make peace with Russia has been severely weakened, if not completely destroyed. Someone took it upon themselves to tear down the last bridges that connected the two. There was always a chance of getting along until now. Recently, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, said that all the EU had to do to get out of its self-made energy crisis was turn on its gas supply from Russia and stop the sanctions against Russia that are stopping it from doing so.

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