Why You should not leave Earpiece in Your Ears while Sleeping

Why You should not leave Earpiece in Your Ears while Sleeping


A stitch in time saves nine, they say. Meaning that prevention is better than cure. The ear is one of the delicate parts of the body located at both sides of the head. The ear is sensitive and some negative effect on it, if not all, affects the head and the brain. If you are good with movies, you will notice that whenever a bomb is released, one of the effects on those close by who were not directly killed by the bomb, is rendering them confused about where they are for the moment. Some go unconscious, or deaf for some period of time and their eyes turn so that they will start seeing double or unclear. This is what can lead to trauma whenever a bomb is released or whenever an earthquake occurs. This is because the loud sound of the bomb or earthquake affects the ear directly and therefore causes a negative reaction on the head, affecting the entire body. Some reactions on the ears can trigger a negative reaction in the human body.


Often, we like to sleep with our earpiece insert in our ears. Some do this for fun, others to enable them to sleep, while to some others it is an accident, that is, while listening to music, they fall asleep forgetting the earpiece in their ears. There are people who cannot sleep or hardly sleep without music on. And in order not to disturb neighbors, they decide to use an earpiece. This act, however, has been proven to be dangerous and health and life risky, irrespective of the good intention behind doing it.


Science has proven that the battery of a phone triggers lots of reactions on phones that can have negative effects on human lives. We have been advised not to put the phone close to our heads while sleeping and we should avoid inserting phones in our pockets. And today, another piece of advice not to insert the earpiece in our ears while sleeping has come. Taking this information seriously will not cost us anything, except discipline, self-control, and personal determination. It will rather keep us safe and sound to be with our loved ones. If you have already formed the habit of inserting earpiece in your ears while sleeping, you can take the bold step to stop it, to save your life.


Leaving an earpiece in our ears while sleeping can lead to bleeding through the ears, which may lead to loss of life. We are therefore advised to stop inserting an earpiece in our ears for the safety of our lives and health. If you love sleeping with music so much, get a radio or whatever gadgets you intend to use to play the music, take to your bedroom, keep away from your ears and head entirely. Play the music and put the volume to "bedroom sound" (that is, reduce the volume so that only the people in the bedroom can hear it). Play your music and sleep to wake up safe and sound.


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Nwoko Solomon Ikechukwu

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